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Supercharge your Product Management skills - bring along your own product idea to refine, develop and low-fi test and hone your capabilities while you learn.

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Supercharge your Product Management skills - bring along your own product idea to refine, develop and low-fi test and hone your capabilities while you learn.

Outcomes & Pathways

What this course offers and how you will benefit

Build confidence in product management and become equipped with the foundations and skills to succeed as a Product Manager. The creation, definition, delivery, monitoring and refinement of products is critical to organisational success. Understanding customers needs to provide the best product to customers and improving customer experience is critical.

Product management requires a range of skills, including working with cross-functional teams and customers to develop solutions that are well considered yet delivered interactively and rapidly. Prioritisation and an ability to adapt, presenting ideas and creating constructive feedback forums and measurement tools for continuous improvement practices, will all be explored in the context of a product idea that you can bring with you to the course.

The course is designed for people with a range of product management experience, from those moving into product management roles, entrepreneurs or small business owners who recognise the importance of sound product development for success, or seasoned product managers looking for professional development opportunities.

Join Felix Scholz, an innovator, entrepreneur, experience designer and product/project manager for live facilitated weekly online sessions (4-8pm, Tuesdays), and work through material in your own time to maximise value from the weekly sessions.

Explore design thinking and human-centred design frameworks and how to use them to focus on a real market opportunity.

Understand how to use customer empathy interviews, user story mapping and problem statement definition to build a sound view of your product market fit.

Discover when to apply sprint methodology, experimentation practices and prototyping tools to test and fail fast to de-risk ideas and employ interactive refinement and development. 

Understand how to measure and assess interactions and feedback into the ongoing development and management of a product.


What you will learn on this short course

Understand key product management concepts and develop critical skills

Product Vision and Market Fit

Personas and Value Propositions

Design Sprint, Minimum Viable Product and Risk

Prototyping, Feedback and Testing

Our Advancer courses are perfect if you’ve got a need to know, now. Develop knowledge and practical skills that you can use straight away. You will join an online community of like minded learners and access monthly industry-led workshops and events. 

Advancer courses are delivered entirely online through articles, videos and case studies, you learn at your own pace. You can start at any time, but you need to complete the course within 5 weeks from the time you begin. There is approximately 8 hours of content to explore per week.

Once you have completed an Advancer course, you will be able to download a Digital Badge that you can share to demonstrate your achievement, as well as a Key Resources overview where we have captured some of the key links and details from the course. You won’t be able to access the content of the Advancer course after 8 weeks from the date you started.

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No, credits are not awarded for completion of the academyEX Sampler and Advancer courses as these are not accredited by NZQA. The Sampler and Advancer courses provide introductions, and you can build on your knowledge and skills through further study in our accredited programmes.

Yes, the content in the Advancer courses is a subset of the content delivered in our micro-credentials. Joining an intake for the micro-credential gives you an opportunity to further build on the knowledge and skills you have developed in the Advancer course, and apply your learning through the assessments and receive feedback from peers and facilitators. Certification Fee: To upgrade an Advancer course to earn micro-credential certification, a fee must be paid.