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Join this short course to learn what capabilities you will need as an entrepreneur to help take your ideas to the next level.

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Outcomes and Pathways

What this course offers and how you will benefit

Many people have aspirations to turn their  idea into a business, a community initiative or a side-hustle. Wherever you are on your journey to entrepreneurship, this short course offers an introduction to some essential knowledge that you will need to kick-start your project. 

Dip your toes into learning with academyEX, through this free two week sampler course and discover what's required to put your entrepreneurial ideas into action. 

Gain insight from seasoned entrepreneurs who share learnings from their success and their failures as they take their ideas to New Zealand and the world. 

Through the course you will be able to identify and analyse your capability gaps, and seek strategies to continue learning and building capability for future success.

Develop an understanding and awareness of essential entrepreneurial skills

Identify capability gaps and strategies to help develop essential skills


What you will learn on this short course

Incorporate the skills of entrepreneurship into your world

Identifying entrepreneurial opportunities

Innovation and strategic thinking

Market validation and product testing


What you need to know