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The Mind Lab

Learning that develops leadership capabilities in educators, business and community leaders, so people and organisations can thrive.


Leading through change

The Mind Lab was created in 2013 to develop leaders who lean into uncertainty and change. We recognise that highly effective leadership is situationally responsive regardless of context, sector or location. We believe that leading positive change means not only responding to unexpected situations but being able to proactively recognise when changes in leadership are required to create supportive and effective work and learning environments.

Recognising and embracing change through innovative educational practices is critical at a time when people are looking for a clear direction of travel. The Mind Lab, as the founding faculty of academyEX is more committed than ever to providing opportunities for professionals to understand collaborative, equitable and effective practices. Our programmes have been developed for educators, business and community leaders who strive for impact, sustainability and measurable outcomes.

Our programmes support the growing demand for leaders who can be confident in their decision making, even at times of disruption or uncertainty, and who can use transformation to spark positive change and build resilience across teams, community groups or organisations. 

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In the pursuit of excellence

As leaders, we are constantly under the pump to make good decisions, often with far-reaching and sometimes unintended consequences. Many of these decisions are instinctive, reactive and without significant prior consideration or insight. We too often move into a form of autopilot, trading on experience, past knowledge and experiences that have worked before. As our work, classroom, organisation or community needs change we need to develop new ways to bring contemporary knowledge and decision-making to the forefront of our response.

The Mind Lab is a faculty dedicated to sharing the frameworks and systems needed to create positive change through planned action and strategically sound decision-making. We help develop

We support the development of new methodologies to help form sound strategies that enable problem-solving and actions that produce long-term benefits for all.

Our portfolio of course options includes practical tools to build workplace resilience through proven strategies. Learn how to align all areas of your organisation to not only respond to change and complexity, but to thrive in and benefit from uncertainty.


Stand out from the crowd

Regardless of the position or level you currently hold in your organisation, you can become a great leader. Not all leaders are extroverted, charismatic or highly experienced. Many leaders quietly excel in building trusted relationships, built upon consistent communication and a sense of reliability. Leadership actions and responses are not fixed, but rather they change as circumstances morph and shift. This requires the ability to understand the need for new inputs that support the development of a strong team culture, led by clarity and transparency.

Whether you are looking for a Masters's qualification, or you just need better insights on how to build the skills to lead an effective team culture, we have a program option for you.

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Learning for impact

Build your capability to inspire and lead others


Learn contemporary learning and system-change models that open minds and develops confidence and curiosity to explore new concepts. 


Discover how to use every-day digital technologies, in the classroom or workshop, to enhance learning and engagement, whether in-person or online.


Expand your awareness of sustainability and how people and purpose can be the energy to make positive lasting change.