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Digital Skills for the Workplace Micro-credential

Grow your digital skills and build online confidence.

Get hands-on experience with helpful digital tools that you can use in your workplace, business, or organisation with this highly practical short course.

Fully funded by the New Zealand government, domestic students can get this course absolutely free (valued at $450)!

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7 weeks

100% online, expertly facilitated

NZQA accredited, level 7 (15 Credits)

Available start dates

  • 25th June 2024
  • 23rd July 2024
  • 17th September 2024
  • 29th October 2024
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Outcomes and Pathways

What this course offers and how you will benefit

Designed for clarity and immediate application, this Level 7 NZQA accredited (15 credits) micro-credential will equip you with digital literacy and knowledge to adopt digital skills and software to help your business or organisation grow and succeed.

Online, live-facilitated workshops are hosted for maximum flexibility and feature practical and interactive activities, discussions and collaborative approaches to support your learning. Delivered across 7 weeks, part-time, you’ll develop a plan to enable you to implement and integrate digital skills and tools in your work. 

No matter what level you’re at now, this short course will help you take your digital knowledge and skills to the next level while equipping you with confidence for the future.

academyEX is committed to supporting New Zealanders to develop their digital skills and for 2024, tuition fees are covered by a full fees scholarship for all domestic students eligible for the programme.

Digitising your business or workplace doesn't have to be expensive, time-consuming or overwhelming; all it takes is a series of small steps to create processes and utilise the many tools out there to make working easier. Invest in learning now to save time and money in the long run

Evey Burilin | Lead Facilitator
Evey Burilin Lead Facilitator

Awareness of what digital channels, tools and training your workplace needs, and how to set up and run them

Increased adaptiveness and the ability to prepare for change, including being able to bring your work and workplace online

The ability to increase productivity and free up time using digital tools designed to create efficiency

Confidence working with others online in a collaborative and effective way


Where this could take you

Apply your digital knowledge in an effective way in your workplace

Implement your project

Take your confidence from trying out new digital tools and techniques in our supportive, collaborative learning environment, and further develop and implement digital-focused solutions in your workplace

Boost your career

Incorporate your digital skills into your current role to improve efficiency and creativity or utilise your new skills to apply for a new opportunity where you can apply your newfound digital skills

Further your knowledge

Continue learning with academyEX and take the next step with another micro-credential, or start a Postgraduate Certificate - there are many to choose from which pick up on key themes explored here


How this Micro-credential works

Incorporate technology into your world

Apply and Enrol

If you are ready to enrol, complete the online application form. We will be in touch to provide you with everything you need to know to get started on your micro-credential journey.

We know that building digital skills can sometimes be daunting, so before the course starts we run a live digital orientation session to make sure everyone is all ready to go.

Getting Started

Explore key concepts such as innovation and ideation, digital sustainability, project management and online security.

Hands-on experience with digital tools such as Padlet, Google Suite, Trello, Canva and Miro.
Start to brainstorm how digital tools could be used to solve real-world challenges in your personal or professional contexts.


Begin applying some of the digital skills and tools you have been exploring by using the course project to focus on solutions for your chosen workplace or personal challenge.

Use the project feedback from our industry experts to continue to develop your digital solution to address the challenge identified in your context.

Follow up

Put your new skills into practice in your workplace or organisation. Consider further learning opportunities - there are many to choose from, with graduates moving into courses such as the Entrepreneurship Micro-credential or Disruptive Technologies Micro-credential.


What you need to know