Digital Skills for the Workplace Micro-credential

Grow your digital skills and build online confidence.

Get hands-on experience with helpful digital tools that you can use in your workplace, business, or organisation with this highly practical short course.

Digital Skills for the Workplace (15 Credits)
100% online learning
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Outcomes and Pathways

What this course offers and how you will benefit

Designed for clarity and immediate application, this Level 7 NZQA accredited (15 credits) micro-credential will equip you with digital literacy and knowledge to adopt digital skills and software to help your business or organisation grow and succeed.

Online, live-facilitated workshops are hosted for maximum flexibility and feature practical and interactive activities, discussions and collaborative approaches to support your learning. Delivered across 7 weeks, part-time, you’ll develop a plan to enable you to implement and integrate digital skills and tools in your work. 

No matter what level you’re at now, this short course will help you take your digital knowledge and skills to the next level while equipping you with confidence for the future.

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Digitising your business or workplace doesn't have to be expensive, time-consuming or overwhelming; all it takes is a series of small steps to create processes and utilise the many tools out there to make working easier. Invest in learning now to save time and money in the long run

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Evey Burilin | Lead Facilitator
Evey Burilin Lead Facilitator

Awareness of what digital channels, tools and training your workplace needs, and how to set up and run them

Increased adaptiveness and the ability to prepare for change, including being able to bring your work and workplace online

The ability to increase productivity and free up time using digital tools designed to create efficiency

Confidence working with others online in a collaborative and effective way


Where this could take you

Apply your digital knowledge in an effective way in your workplace

Implement your project

Take your confidence from trying out new digital tools and techniques in our supportive, collaborative learning environment, and further develop and implement digital-focused solutions in your workplace

Boost your career

Incorporate your digital skills into your current role to improve efficiency and creativity or utilise your new skills to apply for a new opportunity where you can apply your newfound digital skills

Further your knowledge

Continue learning with academyEX and take the next step with another rmicro-credential, or start a Postgraduate Certificate - there are many to choose from which pick up on key themes explored here


How this Micro-credential works

Incorporate technology into your world

Apply and Enrol

If you are ready to enrol, complete the online application form. We will be in touch to and provide all you need to know to get started on your micro-credential journey. We know that building digital skills can sometimes be daunting so there is a digital orientation to make sure everyone is all ready to go in Week 1.

Getting Started

Explore key concepts such as innovation and ideation, digital sustainability, project management and online security. Hand-on experience with digital tools such as Padlet, Google Suite, Trello, Canva and Miro. Start to brainstorm how digital tools could be used to solve real-world challenges in your personal or professional contexts.


Begin to applying some of the skills and tools that you have been exploring within the realms of ecommerce and digital marketing, design and content development to build your online presence. Reflect on your journey and continue to develop your digital solution to address the challenge identified in your context. You'll also get feedback from our team to explore the possibilities after the course.

Follow up

Put your new skills into practice in your workplace or organisation. Consider further learning opportunities - there are many to choose from, with graduates moving into courses such as the Entrepreneurship Micro-credential or a Postgraduate Certificate in Leading Change for Good.


What you need to know

A micro-credential is worth 15 credits which equates to around 150 hours of learning over the duration of the course.

This 7-week micro-credential is based on an average of 15 learning hours per week. The Digital Skills for the Workplace micro-credential’s blended delivery approach includes self-directed and directed learning activities supported by two weekly 1-hour live facilitated online session. These synchronous sessions take place from 4:00-5:00pm on Tuesday (NZDT) and Thursday for the February and July intakes, and from 10:00-11:00am (NZDT) on Tuesday and Thursday for the May and October intakes. These sessions are recorded and uploaded to the learning management system, although we highly recommend attendance where possible to get full value from the programme.

For further information, download our 2023 student prospectus.

There are four intakes of this micro-credential each year, with start dates in February, May, July and October 2023.

For more details about key dates, please download our 2023 student prospectus.

To be eligible to study on this programme, applicants must meet the admission criteria. The high-level entry criteria as approved by NZQA are as follows:

  • A level 6 or higher qualification (or equivalent)

  • Or equivalent professional experience in a relevant field.

For further information, including how to demonstrate equivalent professional experience, please download our 2023 Student Prospectus or book a chat with Shruti - our Enrolment Manager.

This programme has a full fees scholarship for all domestic students.

The international tuition fee for international students in New Zealand is $1,125.00 (incl. GST) Unfortunately, students are not eligible to apply for StudyLink Student Loans for micro-credentials.

The Digital Skills for the Workplace Micro-credential (15 credits, level 7), supports the development of practical skills and knowledge to assist businesses to embrace digital advancements to meet changing customer needs.

This course was created to provide the essential digital skills for all businesses from a single-person side hustle to a large entity. The course content provides highly relevant and practical knowledge and skills for people wanting to build confidence and discover new digital tools that can be used to improve customer acquisition, and retention, and to grow business success.

If you are looking to develop digital skills that you can immediately apply as you learn, then this course is for you.

Applications close one week before the start date of the intake you are applying for. Please see Key Dates in our 2023 student prospectus for specific application close dates.  Applications may be accepted on a case-by-case basis after the application close date at the discretion of academyEX. Please contact if you applications are closed and you would like to apply.

Just a laptop (or desktop) and a mobile/handheld device both connected to the internet. Your laptop can be a Windows or Mac and your device can be a tablet or smartphone (needs the ability to record video/take photos). If any of your devices are owned by your employer please ensure you have the rights to install software and connect to external devices, and that there are no restrictions on connecting to web links.

Please note: Chromebooks are not suitable for some applications.

We have had people study on this course with a wide range of skill levels. At a minimum, you should be able to use the internet, use an email system (like Gmail or Outlook), use online banking and make an eCommerce purchase and social media platforms (like Facebook or LinkedIn).

It’s okay if you miss one or two classes, we do record the live facilitated zoom sessions and the content covered is added to our learning management system (LMS) so you can review any content you have missed. It is important to mention that missing a session does means you miss out on breakout room discussions and group activities and this is vital to the development of your skills throughout the course. The responsibility to catch up on missed classes or workshops is up to the individual student to catch up on.

Online sessions are delivered via Zoom. We also use a range of communication platforms to connect with students including Slack, project management tools (e.g. Trello), mind-mapping (e.g. Mindomo), online design sites (e.g. Canva) as well as video editing tools (e.g. WeVideo and OpenShot).

We think it’s important that you get to apply newly acquired skills and knowledge in real-world settings. To contextualise learning you will complete 2 assignments that revolve around a live problem you want to solve. This could be in your workplace, business, an organisation you’re part of or something that you know could be much easier than the way you are doing it now! Previous students have completed projects around helping their companies go fully digital, setting up a remote-working system so they can work from anywhere, or gaining better visibility of employee scheduling. We’ll work with you over the first few sessions to help you identify what your project could be. The best part is all learning can be applied immediately to your everyday work life.

Digital skills are at the heart of developing a knowledge base that assists you to make good decisions on the best digital solution for your specific situation or need. This might include topics such as how to effectively collaborate online, how to receive customer feedback, how to improve business productivity, or even what social media channel should I use?

Digital tools are the actual tools that enable you to activate the decisions you make. This might be a tool that helps you complete payroll, and process accounts, or a tool that translates languages on your website.

Either way, this course will help you make good decisions, and how to implement them as part of a new strategy to help your business or career grow.

Unfortunately, the Digital Skills for the Workplace micro-credentials cannot be stacked into our larger qualifications eg. Masters qualifications. This is because this micro-credential is approved at Level 7 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework, and only Level 8 credits can be stacked into our Postgraduate Certificates and Masters degrees. 

This micro-credential is however a great starting point for getting back into study, developing confidence and testing out how study can fit into your schedule!

A micro-credential certifies achievement of a specific and coherent set of skills and/or knowledge. Micro-credentials are created through strong evidence of need by industry, employers, iwi and/or the community. Think of them like a ‘crash course’ on the future – bringing you up to speed on what matters today but also what’s critical for a thriving future. They are designed to be done alongside your busy work and personal life, so you don't have to take time off to study.

Our Micro-credentials give you a recognised NZQA qualification. 

Delivered through a combination of self-directed learning and weekly live online sessions, you’ll practice and apply the knowledge and skills you learn through two practical assessments. Between 7 and 15 weeks, all micro-credentials have a set price and we run regular intakes at set times of the year.

This programme is available to study as an international student either via online distance learning or if you currently reside in New Zealand and your visa conditions allow study. To find out more about studying with academyEX as an international student, and for programme fees, visit our International Students page.

We are very happy to help you to communicate the benefits of studying with academyEX to your employer. If you would like us to provide you with a letter of support or further information, please just ask.

Yes, almost all academyEX learners work full time while studying part time. This programme has been designed to fit in around full time work or family commitments, with weekly online sessions taking place in the late afternoon/early evening. Assessments are designed to be practical and linked to personal aspirations and projects.

If you are concerned about the workload and how you will balance it, please reach out to us and we can chat about how it could work for you.

Micro-credentials are delivered entirely online. Each micro-credential has regular online facilitated classes and self-directed study, that includes viewing videos, completing quizzes and reading relevant papers.

In the lead up to the start of each intake, fully enrolled students will receive onboarding emails from the team, as well as access to platforms that will be used during your study. During the first session, whether online or in-person, the team will talk through what you can expect during the programme and answer any questions. 

International students learning onshore with us will also be required to attend a separate orientation session. Details will be provided during the application process.

Absolutely. We’ve had loads of students do the course alongside family members, friends and colleagues. There are also opportunities to work collaboratively on assessments during the programme and work together on a project of interest. Learning is always better together!

Next Steps

Okay, so what’s next?

Make an enquiry

We understand the decision to embark on a course requires some consideration. If you have any questions, we’re here to help answer them.

Book a chat

We get it – sometimes it’s nice to chat to a real human! Book a call at a time that suits you and Shruti will be able to answer your questions, give you more information and, if you’re ready, help you apply.

Apply Now

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