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We are stronger and can achieve more together

If you are visiting this page because you have just completed one of our EXciting programmes, then woohoo, congratulations and well done you. Life will never be the same again. You already know how much we value you, let us continue this journey together.

It might seem like you can finally EXhale and breathe again as you have your life back after handing in your final assignment. However, soon you will realise how much you miss the conversations from the community of like minded people you found during your studies. 

We have a suggestion for you, stay in touch not only with your colleagues but also us. There are always opportunities to get together to share ideas, discuss interesting topics and debate the wonderful new world that is unfolding before us.

There are always different things happening online or at our HQ in Auckland. Keep an eye out here.  Being an alumni means you are a valued member of our community therefore please ask us for your discount code to attend the Quarterly Briefings with Frances Valintine. We are always adding to our suite of programmes on offer. We have short courses, micro-credentials, post-graduate, and masters. Next time you enrol, bring a friend along  for the ride.


By staying connected and actively participating, you can deepen your understanding of disruptive change and how it is shaping the world around us.

Keep in contact

Keep your contact details updated with us here so that we can keep you in the loop of opportunities for networking, career development and lifelong learning.

Continuing Conversations

Keep the conversation and momentum going, staying touch with your peers and meeting others from the wider academyEX community through our Converge meet-ups.

Join Exclusive Groups

These Facebook and LinkedIn groups are yours to connect and share with your community. Share updates from your own life, ask for help, post a job listing or mentor opportunity. Choose the platform you use the most, or join both.

Sharing your research

We love to celebrate the success, achievements, research and impact of our students. One of the ways we do this is through He Rourou, our open-access interdisciplinary publication filled with student work that we publish twice a year.


Academic Transcripts and Letters of Completion

We know that sometimes you might need an academic transcript or letter of completion prior to graduation to provide evidence of your learning and completion of the programme. To request an academic transcript or letter of completion, please complete the form below and our Academic Registrar will arrange to send this to you.

Academic Transcript

If you are visiting this page because you want to see if you are a good fit to join academyEX, the answer is yes. How do we know? Because of your curiosity to land on this page. We are a diverse community of educators, leaders, activators, connectors, entrepreneurs and learners wanting to expand our current and future potential. We all want to create impactful futures for ourselves and our communities.

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