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Leading Beyond Sustainability Micro-credential

Learn the fundamentals of sustainability and how to lead with impact through this micro-credential. Explore a new career or enhance your existing career with better informed insights and research. Turn your focus on sustainability into tangible and measurable actions. This innovative micro-credential will empower you to create positive environmental and societal impact in your workplace or your community.

Leading Beyond Sustainability Micro-credential (15 Credits)
March and July
100% online learning
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Outcomes and Pathways

What this course offers and how you will benefit

This expert-led Level 8 NZQA accredited (15 credits) micro-credential covers a range of proven approaches to sustainability, underpinned by scientifically-informed and indigenous values. You’ll deep-dive into what sustainability means for people, the environment and the economy.

Your learning takes place online offering you flexibility around your busy schedule. Delivered part-time over eight weeks this short course is achievable while working full-time. You don’t have to be an eco-warrior or have studied previous sustainability courses to make the most of the new learnings. 

Key themes include the current and future state of sustainability, ongoing global challenges, non-linear and systems thinking, social and environmental justice, economic inclusiveness, community and collaboration, culturally sustainable action, indigenous values and perspectives, climate change, and leadership for change.

On completion of this 8 week programme you’ll have knowledge, tools and capability to begin to make practical changes in your context that will ultimately lead to a thriving and sustainable future for all.

Saskia Verraes | Sustainable Futures Advisor
Saskia Verraes Sustainable Futures Advisor

Gain a versatile toolkit with a range of proven approaches to sustainability practices and how to lead initiatives to create positive change

Introduction to  applying different strategies to address sustainability challenges

Capability to identify current skills and knowledge gaps and how to develop the knowledge and insight needed specific to your project goals

The ability to action high impact, meaningful and ongoing positive change in your role, sector or community


Where this could take you

Develop and apply your sustainability knowledge to create real, meaningful change

Follow your passion

Make positive impact through change - apply your learning and implement the sustainability-focused initiative you have developed within your household, community or workplace.

Boost your career

Upgrade your professional skills to include a deeper understanding of how to mitigate emerging threats and how to support greater sustainability in the workplace and community.

Continued learning

Jump into other micro-credentials, or start to stack your credits toward our Master of Change and Organisational Resilience


How this Micro-credential works

Incorporate sustainability into your world

Apply and Enrol

If you are ready to enrol, complete the online application form. We will be in touch to and provide all you need to know to get started on your micro-credential journey.

Challenning Sustainability

During the first few weeks, explore content to think critically about authentic leadership for more sustainable futures and evaluate a case study of your choice.

Strategising for Change

Building on your learning, extend your understanding of systems thinking and impact measurement and develop a brief for a sustainability project that you are passionate about.

Follow up

Put your project into practice or further your knowledge with our Master of Change and Organisational Resilience


What you need to know

If we look at this from a purely academic perspective, a micro-credential is worth 15 educational credits which equates to 150 hours of learning. But how much time you need to commit each week will depend on the length of the programme.

This 8-week micro-credential includes an average of 18 learning hours per week. The Leading Beyond Sustainability micro-credential’s blended delivery approach includes self-directed and directed learning activities supported by 3 x 90 minute virtual synchronous class sessions. Online synchronous sessions will take place on Wednesday 12pm - 1:30pm.

But don’t let that number put you off - our micro-credentials are all about gaining practical, transferable skills. So those 15 hours will comprise weekly sessions (where applicable), time for you to work on your assessment (which can often be work-related or a live project for your workplace or organisation) and applying your new skills and knowledge in your practice.

For further information, download our 2023 student prospectus.

There are currently two intakes of this micro-credential scheduled for 2024 - March and July.

The Leading Beyond Sustainability Micro-credential, supports individuals from a range of industries and communities. This micro-credential could be for you if:

  • you are passionate about sustainability and find yourself wondering what you can do to contribute to more sustainable futures

  • your professional or community work has a sustainability or impact focus

Applications close one week before the start date of the intake you are applying for. Applications may be accepted on a case-by-case basis after the application close date at the discretion of academyEX. Please contact if applications are closed and you would like to apply.

There are no scholarships or discounts currently available for micro-credentials.

  • The domestic tuition fee for the Programme is $360 (including GST)

  • The fee for international students in New Zealand is NZD$1125 (including GST)

  • The fee for international students outside of New Zealand is NZD$1087

To be eligible to study on the Programme, applicants must meet the admission criteria. The high-level entry criteria as approved by NZQA are as follows:

  • A Bachelor's degree or an equivalent level qualification 

  • OR equivalent professional experience in a relevant field.

For further information, including how to demonstrate equivalent professional experience, download our 2023 Student Prospectus.

Absolutely. We’ve had loads of students do the course alongside family members, friends and colleagues. There are also opportunities to work collaboratively on assessments during the programme and work together on a project of interest. Learning is always better together!

Generally, a 15 credit micro-credential will comprise two summative assessments. Some assessments are individual and others may be group based to encourage collaboration with others. Assessments are about applying your learning to your practice or context - developing small plans, strategies, designing initiatives, and exploring and evaluating key concepts or ideas. All assessments will add demonstrable value to your applied knowledge of the area you're learning in.

In the Leading Beyond Sustainability micro-credential, you will critically evaluate a case study of an organisation or project that demonstrates authentic sustainable value, and devise a project brief for a sustainability initiative that you are passionate about implementing in your context.

Micro-credentials are delivered entirely online. Each micro-credential has regular online facilitated classes and self-directed study, that includes viewing videos, completing quizzes and reading relevant papers.

Yes, almost all academyEX learners work full time while studying part time. The workload for micro-credentials has been developed to fit in around full time work or family commitments. The assessments are designed to be practical and linked to personal aspirations and projects.

We are very happy to help you to communicate the benefits of studying with academyEX to your employer. If you would like us to provide you with a letter of support or further information, please just ask.

This programme is available to study as an international student either via online distance learning or if you currently reside in New Zealand and your visa conditions allow study. 

To find out more about studying with academyEX as an international student, visit our International Students page.

A micro-credential certifies achievement of a specific and coherent set of skills and/or knowledge. Micro-credentials are created through strong evidence of need by industry, employers, iwi and/or the community. Think of them like a ‘crash course’ on the future – bringing you up to speed on what matters today but also what’s critical for a thriving future. They are designed to be done alongside your busy work and personal life, so you don't have to take time off to study.

Our Micro-credentials give you a recognised NZQA qualification. 

Delivered through a combination of self-directed learning and weekly live online sessions, you’ll practice and apply the knowledge and skills you learn through two practical assessments. Between 7 and 15 weeks, all micro-credentials have a set price and we run regular intakes at set times of the year.

Our stackable learning means you can take a mix ‘n match approach to building your skills, knowledge and network across programmes, no matter which faculty, so you have a customised toolkit to make change and innovate where it matters most to you.

You can think of micro-credentials as building blocks of learning. Each building block could be credited to larger qualifications (e.g. a Master’s degree) if a specific micro-credential aligns to specific learning outcomes covered in a larger qualification. It’s worth having a chat with us about what you’re seeking to achieve for your upskilling so we can help with selecting the right learning pathways for you.

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