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Internet of Things for Sustainability

Join this short course to discover how the rise of smart devices and software help contribute to a sustainable future.

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Outcomes & Pathways

What this course offers and how you will benefit

As our world becomes more and more connected, the uptake of smart devices to provide visibility and data for decision making is essential for all businesses. Learn how to adopt IoT technology to build understanding and knowledge to mitigate environmental and sustainability challenges

Through this sampler two-week, part time short course, you’ll explore the fundamentals of the Internet of Things (IoT), and how we can use this technology to address different sustainability challenges that we face today. Delve into case studies to discover how IoT applications can lead to sustainable decision-making in a New Zealand and international context. You’ll also explore how IoT is teaming up with other technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and 5G connectivity.

Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of IoT, including technology, business strategy and data management

Evaluate and reflect on the relevance and potential of IoT to contribute to initiatives addressing sustainability challenges


What you will learn on this short course

Learn how to capture data and insights through IoT technologies

Sustainability in a connected world using the Internet of Things

Data insights, governance and ethics

Applications for sustainability in smart cities


What you need to know