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Use change to make change

In 2016, Tech Futures Lab was created for professionals who could see the exponential rate of the impact and effect technology, digitalisation and changing demographics were having on the world. From the automation of business systems and processes to the adoption of Artificial Intelligence, data and the Internet of Things, Tech Futures Lab faced the need to understand how effective decision-making increasingly relies on new technological insights and contemporary knowledge.

Tech Futures Lab is an interdisciplinary learning environment that enables professionals to engage with new concepts and in-depth discussions with subject matter experts. The lab is both virtual and physical, with the option for students to study onsite or remotely.

The core focus is the delivery of a deep and comprehensive understanding of the levers of change the world of business and enterprise are facing every day, and how to adopt and adapt in response to these changes.

The focus is on demystifying and contextualising the global headlines of new economic models including fintech and circular economy disruptors, through to driving business transformation to build resilience and capability that responds rapidly to changing customer and market expectations.

No topic is off-bounds. Candidates explore, and evaluate familiar widely deployed tech such as machine learning and robotics, through to emerging technology such as CRISPR, Distributed Autonomous Organisations (DAO) and Quantum Computing. Societal shifts including the impact of rapid population growth, an ageing population, the future of work, impact investing and new forms of community are also investigated.

Use change

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Hindsight, Insight & Foresight

Creating a plan for the Future

The accelerated pace of change and increased uncertainty about the future make it ever more difficult to imagine what comes next. Developing a clear vision and planning for tomorrow requires current knowledge about potential drivers of change and how these shifts will shape the world around us.

Tech Futures Lab uses many tools to plan and predict the disruptions we see emerging and on our horizon. By looking back (hindsight), adding knowledge and understanding (insight) and analysing foresight indicators we can make sense of what is just around the corner.

Applying foresight to strategic planning requires the benefit of agility and enhances our preparedness for disruption, as or before it happens. This may include the ability to better future-proof a product for market readiness, a new business plan, or a creation of a high-impact project responding to new needs. Understanding how markets, consumer behaviours and preferences change over time helps organisations to adapt to remain successful and become more resilient.

Tech Futures Lab uses multiple sources of information, research and intelligence to help our students to plan for their future, including; trend scanning, signal sensing, forecasting, sense-making and scenario planning.

At the heart of our programmes is the ability to create impact through the establishment of new goals and objectives based on desired outcomes for impact. With each new cohort of students, we see the significant impact made across sectors, industries and communities, all shaped by better knowledge and a deeper understanding of what is possible.


A Path to Success

The Tech Futures Lab faculty and our portfolio of programme options have been curated to provide busy professionals with the edge needed to thrive in today's fast-changing world. On focus is on helping you to excel professionally and personally by tapping into your ability to understand, plan and respond to the opportunities today while leading the way and securing the requirements for tomorrow.

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A lens on the future

Learn exactly what you need for today and tomorrow


Understand and critique contemporary business models in context to your organisation or industry to define the right way forward.


Explore emerging digital technologies and grasp their potential and ethical implications across industries and societies.


Expand ideas and develop projects by collaborating with professionals from a diverse range of industries and perspectives.