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Sampler: Leading Beyond Sustainability

Expand your knowledge and gain useful tools to help you lead sustainable change with this short course.

2 Weeks
100% online learning

Outcomes & Pathways

What this course offers and how you will benefit

Join the movement towards a sustainable future with this two-week, part time sampler course that will develop your understanding of sustainability thinking, new frameworks, and impactful leadership approaches. Leading experts will strengthen your knowledge and capability, giving you a fresh perspective on sustainable opportunities.

By the end of this short course, you’ll have tools and resources to implement positive change in your organisation and community. You’ll also be able to extend your network and meet other learners to share your ideas with and engage in insightful discussions.

Gain a solid understanding of the most commonly used terms, theories and principles in relation to sustainability and the current conditions prompting change

Evaluate and reflect on leadership for sustainability, innovative approaches to change, and the importance of diverse worldviews to generate impactful change


What you will learn on this short course

Incorporate sustainability into your home, work or community

Introduction to commonly used terms, frameworks and methodologies relating to sustainability

Current sustainability challenges facing the world and an overview of innovative solutions for sustainability.

Leadership for sustainability including an overview of key skills and competencies and indigenous approaches to leading sustainability


What you need to know

Our Sampler courses are punchy introductions to emerging areas of expertise. Delivered entirely online through articles, videos and case studies, you learn at your own pace. Completely free, you can start at any time but you need to complete the course within 3 weeks from the time you begin. There is approximately 2-3 hours of content for you to explore per week.

Sampler short courses are free to enrol in. We’re excited to encourage more people to explore key topics that are of critical relevance today and into the future.

No, credits are not awarded for completion of the academyEX Sampler and Advancer courses as these are not accredited by NZQA. The Sampler and Advancer courses provide introductions, and you can build on your knowledge and skills through further study in our accredited programmes.

Our Sampler and Advancer short courses were developed in collaboration with industry experts. You will find interviews with industry experts in amongst the content for all the Sampler and Advancer courses as well as content from a range of sources.