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Master of Technological Futures

Master your technological future and stay on top of business innovation. Join us to discover new insights, diverse perspectives and learn how to plan and shape ideas to generate solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems.

NZQA accredited, level 9 (180 Credits)
March, July and October
Blended; online learning and in-person sessions

Learning Outcomes

You will learn how to:

Develop applied skills

Develop applied skills in contemporary business practices that encourage innovative and creative thinking - like design sprints, agile methods and systems-led strategies.

Technology and impact

Critically analyse and evaluate your context through the lens of emerging disruptive technologies and understand how to apply these for impact.

Be part of a community

Connect with a community of change makers and innovators leading and shaping the businesses and industries of tomorrow.

NZQA accredited Masters

Acquire a recognised NZQA accredited Master’s degree that has transformed your mindset to innovate, create and lead projects and businesses that will make lasting impact.

The Master of Technological Futures is a highly innovative Master’s programme for people who want to drive positive change. Designed in consultation with industry and delivered by leading technology experts, futurists and social enterprise leaders, this applied programme upskills professionals to take full advantage of what this fast-emerging digital era offers.

You’ll learn how to do things differently – to see from new perspectives, to plan and shape ideas using new methodologies and develop your leadership skills to be able to drive change in your workplace and communities.

There are three key dimensions where the programme expands your knowledge:

Emerging Disruptive Technologies (EDT). Key technologies like Blockchain, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, VR/AR and Robotics.

New business models, methods and mindsets. Contemporary approaches to structuring, leading, and developing businesses, including systems and futures thinking, strategic insights, fit for an ever-changing environment.

Societal shifts - influences from society that impact business like circular, sharing, and collaborative economies, the digital-first generation, and the value of genuine indigenous perspectives and wisdom. 

The programme puts you at the centre of change and possibility to enable you to clearly identify opportunities and know how to create sustainable impactful solutions.

The Master of Technological Futures programme differs from traditional Master’s degrees as it’s practical, designed in close consultation with industry experts and you have the choice to either complete it with a research or real-world project. You'll work through a process to develop a project proposal bespoke to you and your identified area and then implement this project all with the support of a dedicated advisor. They will support and guide you throughout the duration of the programme and connect you with other experts, industry or academic, to help round out research and project outcomes.

Domestic UP TO$16,700NZD
NZQA accredited, level 9 (180 Credits)
March, July and October
Blended; online learning and in-person sessions

Seeing a colleague's transformation after completing the Master's of Technological Futures course at Tech Futures lab intrigued me. The support I received was exceptional, and though the modules were challenging, they brought out the best in me and boosted my confidence. Breaking free from old patterns, I became an active voice and practitioner, making my work much more fulfilling.

Janet Chenery, Master of Technological Futures


Where this could take you

Apply your technology knowledge in a practical way to create innovative change

Follow your passion

With your newfound knowledge, skills and mindset to innovate, create and lead projects that will make lasting impact.

Boost your career

Utilise your skills to become an intrapreneur, inhouse change agent or consultant. Start a new business or develop a product or framework.

Continue your impact

Dive into micro-credentials to continue your learning with academyEX, or level up your learning by applying for professional doctoral studies.

Don’t take OUR WORD FOR IT

Here’s what our students say

Janet Student Story

Feeling stuck in a cycle, I knew I needed a change to re-energize myself. Seeing a colleague's transformation after completing the Master's of Technological Futures course at Tech Futures lab intrigued me. The support I received was exceptional, and though the modules were challenging, they brought out the best in me and boosted my confidence. Breaking free from old patterns, I became an active voice and practitioner, making my work much more fulfilling.

Ashley Student Story

The Mind Lab played a significant role in my journey, as it allowed me to expand my skill set in the change space and incorporate mataranga Māori into my work. Their commitment to exploring and implementing indigenous paradigms truly appealed to me.


I was drawn to MBA programs but felt they didn't align with my goals. Then, I discovered Tech Futures Lab, and it felt like the perfect fit. The Master of Technological Futures course provided real-world experiences, and to my surprise, I possessed the academic skills needed to succeed, thanks to my training in the New Zealand Defense Force.

Natalie Allumni

The hands-on experience and practical approach of the courses were refreshing, making learning directly applicable to everyday life. Now, as a food tech teacher at Kelston Intermediate, I use these lessons to empower my students and enhance their learning experience. academyEX's Mind Lab has transformed my life, and I'm excited to inspire and guide the next generation to unlock their full potential.

Never doubt yourself because with the village around you and the right support, you can achieve anything. Working with the team and The Mind Lab was a collaborative and enriching experience that further amplified the impact of the project. academyEX provides the perfect environment to unleash your potential and make a real difference!

academyEX changed everything for me. I was a boy who failed in the New Zealand education system in thge 70's. The powerful tools I gained from the classroom have been invaluable. My favorite part of the learning experience was collaborating with a team of six people, learning together, and supporting each other along the way. It was truly empowering to help others on their journey.

academyEX is the best academic organisation I have ever been involved with after engaging with tertiary education opportunities in the UK & NZ in 43 years, so kudos to your team for the great mahi to produce such great courses run by such great people.

As the first in my generation to graduate, academyEX helped me overcome systemic challenges and become a testimony of what's possible. Embracing our differences, this community welcomed us with open arms. It's a place where crazy ideas are encouraged and experimentation is celebrated.

If you're looking for something hands-on, this is the place to be! The Postgraduate Certificate in Leading Change for Good goes beyond mere theory; it's about practical application and making a genuine impact.

The support from the team is unparalleled! Don't hesitate to take that first step with academyEX because you'll never be left to flounder on your own.

I've learned so much from academyEX! It has given me the fuel to share my learnings with the young women I work with. My project focused on digital learning and building online communities, and it was incredible to apply the insights from working with thousands of young women at GirlBoss New Zealand. Education is a powerful tool that boosts your capabilities to contribute to the community. academyEX has built my confidence in the work I do, and I encourage everyone out there to do the same.

academyEX provided the platform and support to pursue my mission with passion and purpose. My project at academyEX was particularly challenging, but it was also deeply meaningful to me.



How this Masters programme works

Incorporate technology into your world


Part 1: Immersion Phase.

Over 20 weeks, become immersed in a world of learning as you hear from industry experts on a range of contemporary and innovative topics including emerging technologies, disrupted systems and industries and ethics.

Apply your learning to your practice and begin to reflect on and develop project ideas. See FAQs below for the time commitment of this phase of the programme.


Part 2: Project planning.

If you have completed a Postgraduate Certificate with Tech Futures Lab or The Mind Lab, you can begin your Master's journey here at Part 2 - you are a third of the way there!

Over 12 weeks, be guided to apply learning about research methods, stakeholder engagement, evidence and ethics to produce a proposal for a project that you will implement in Part 3. Work with an Industry/Academic Advisor to advance professional capability and have impact in your industry or community.


Part 3: Project Implementation.

Implement your project and develop valuable outputs over 20 (full time) or 40 (part time) weeks. Choose to complete a 90 credit project, or complement a 45 credit project with micro-credentials or elective courses to further advance your knowledge and capability.

You will work closely with an Industry/Academic Advisor who will support, connect and guide you through the project journey. Note: This programme structure is an update to the Master of Technological Futures and is currently under review by NZQA.

Next Steps

Okay, so what’s next?

Make an enquiry

We understand the decision to embark on a Master’s programme requires some consideration. If you have any questions, we’re here to help answer them.

Book a chat

We get it – sometimes it’s nice to chat to a real human! Schedule a call with our Outreach Manager who can answer your questions, provide more information and, if you’re ready, help you apply.

Ready to go?

Take the first step toward your Master's and complete our online application form. There will be documentation to provide, but we'll guide you through the process. Our Enrolments Team will be in touch with the next steps for you to become a changemaker in your workplace or launch yourself into a totally new world.


What you need to know

This Masters is delivered across 14-18 months. In addition to the session times below, allow 16-20 hrs per week for self directed learning (includes working on your assessments and researching your project interest area). Orientation takes place over two days at the beginning of the programme and all students are expected to attend these two days in person at academyEX HQ in Auckland.

  • During Part 1 of the programme (Immersion Phase), students are expected to attend 2 hour weekly online sessions (Thursday) and a full day workshop every 6 weeks (Friday) (These workshops are best experienced in person, but where this is not possible an online option will be provided).

  • During Part 2 of the programme (Planning Phase), the same delivery model as Part 1 is used, however weekly online sessions are on Tuesdays. Full day workshops every 6 weeks continue to be on Fridays

  • During Part 3 of the programme (Project Phase), there are no weekly online sessions, but full day workshops every 6 weeks continue on Fridays to maintain connection with your cohort whilst you are out making impact and implementing your project

Please contact for further details.

All students are required to attend the two day Orientation in person at academyEX HQ in Auckland. Full day workshops (approximately every 6 weeks) are design for in person delivery and best experienced by attending at the Lab in Auckland with benefits for connection, networking and learning. Where attendance in person is not possible, an online option will be provided.

There are three intakes of this masters programme per year, starting in March, July and October in 2024.

Applications close two weeks before the start date of the intake you are applying for. Applications may be accepted on a case-by-case basis after the application close date at the discretion of academyEX.

Please contact if applications are closed and you would like to apply.

  • The domestic tuition fee for the Programme in 2024 is $16,700 (including GST)

  • The fee for international students studying in New Zealand is NZD$44,000 (including GST)

  • The fee for international students studying outside of New Zealand is NZ$28,695

For domestic students, invoices will be issued for tuition fees prior to the start date of each part (Part 1, 2 and 3) of the programme, unless otherwise requested. Fees are payable 7 days prior to the start date.

Please contact for more information.

As part of your enrolment for Masters programmes you will need to be interviewed by a member of our programme teams. You can book your interview during the application process and our Student Experience team will be on hand to help. You can find out more about what to expect in the interview here in our Master of Technological Futures Interview Guide.  

academyEX offers a range of scholarships to support people to study and help to minimise barriers to learning. The following scholarships can be applied for, and cover 50% of the programme fees in 2024.

  • Tangata Whenua - for learners who identify as Māori

  • Pacific Ako - for learners who identify as Pacific

  • Taipakeke - for learners who are aged 60 years and over

  • Impact Scholarship - for learners who are positively impacting people, society and/or the planet

Find out more, including scholarship terms and conditions, by visiting our Scholarships page

Early Bird Discount: There is an Early Bird discount of 10% off the course fees for domestic students who apply 4 weeks before the start date of an intake, and 8 weeks before the start of an intake for international students. The discount will be applied to your invoice automatically through the enrolment process.

Get in touch with our Enrolment Team for more details (

Please note: Early Bird Discount and Scholarships cannot both be applied. If you receive a scholarship, the remaining amount payable will not be discounted with the early bird rate.

Yes, domestic students studying in New Zealand can apply for a StudyLink Student Loan for this programme. 

Check this StudyLink page for more details on how to apply. Domestics students may also be eligible for Fees Free

To be admitted to this Masters, you need to have:

  • A bachelor’s degree or Level 7 Graduate Diploma (or higher) AND relevant professional and/or technical experience that demonstrates an ability and potential to succeed, 


  • Relevant professional and/or technical experience that demonstrates an ability and potential to succeed.

Absolutely. We’ve had loads of students do the course alongside family members, friends and colleagues. There are also opportunities to work collaboratively on assessments during the programme and work together on a project of interest. Learning is always better together!

In the lead up to the start of each intake, fully enrolled students will receive onboarding emails from the team, as well as access to platforms that will be used during your study. An online orientation session is held at the beginning of each intake, and all students are expected to attend in person at academyEX HQ in Auckland. International students learning onshore with us will also be required to attend a separate orientation session. Details will be provided during the application process.

The Master of Technological Futures is designed specifically for people who want to be a part of and lead the way forward in the new world of business. This is intentional learning at its very best.

This programme is for you if you want to:

  • expand your knowledge and experience with digital technologies

  • develop out an idea or project that could revolutionize your workplace or industry

  • level up your capabilities for a move forward, or sideways in your career

A Master’s degree from Tech Futures Lab says you look to the future with open eyes – you not only understand the impacts’ technology will have on our world, but you are also able to harness them to develop solutions that are inclusive, sustainable and impactful.

Our students come from all sorts of different backgrounds. What is common is their desire to make a difference - to themselves, their organisations, their communities - or the world.

Yes, it is possible to complete the Master of Technological Futures studying full time, across 14 months. All students complete Part 1 and 2 across the same timeframe, and full time students complete Part 3 of the programme in 20 weeks.

This programme is available to study as an international student either via online distance learning or in-person in New Zealand with an appopriate visa. To find out more about studying with academyEX as an international student, and for programme fees, visit our International Students page.

Our stackable learning means you can take a mix ‘n match approach to building your skills, knowledge and network across programmes, no matter which faculty, so you have a customised toolkit to make change and innovate where it matters most to you.

The Master of Technological Futures can include micro-credentials and postgraduate certificate courses. You can think of micro-credentials as building blocks of learning. Each building block could be credited to larger qualifications (e.g. a Master’s degree) if a specific micro-credential aligns to specific learning outcomes covered in a larger qualification.

Please make a time to chat with us about what you’re seeking to achieve for your upskilling so we can help with selecting the right learning pathways for you.

Yes, absolutely. Part 1 of the Masters programme, no matter which pathway you take, is designed to support reflection, ideation and identification of a project idea. Sitting in the problem space can sometimes be unfamiliar, but it is very important to us that we set you up for success by supporting you to identify your project topic. The content that is taught across Part 1 might also spark some new ideas!

Yes, the programme does not require you to feel confident or have extensive technical knowledge. Some students are highly technical and aspire to be creating new tech. Others have a strong business, social or enterprise focus and are looking to develop their own venture or lead teams enabled by technology products and services. Whether you're a digital native or newbie, our programmes will work for you.

Industry experts pitch their content to ensure that no knowledge is assumed. The most important quality is to attend each session with an open mind, curiosity and willingness to step outside your comfort zone to develop new knowledge, skills and capabilities. Sometimes the most informative and relevant sessions are those we least expect or have limited knowledge of before engaging with the content!

The Master's programme was developed in 2016, and since then we've had twenty Master's cohort, and over 120 graduates. All our programmes are adapted with each new intake to remain contemporary with change and loop in learnings from previous cohorts, but the fundamentals remain the same.

There are many aspects of this Master’s that make it unique and impactful. One that is valued by many students is the way the programme focuses on applied learning (as do the other Master’s delivered by academyEX), with the project outputs being defined in negotiation with the Programme Team. You have the opportunity to have real impact and support the growth of resilient organisations and systems through your work. 

We can chat through the other unique elements of the Masters. Book a chat with Megan Bruere (Outreach Manager) to discuss more!

Studying full time is a significant commitment (35 - 40 hours per week) and we do not recommend working full time whilst studying full time. Please contact us if you have specific circumstances that you would like to discuss.

We are very happy to help you to communicate the benefits of studying with academyEX to your employer. If you would like us to provide you with a letter of support or further information, please just ask.

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