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Digital and Collaborative Teaching and Learning

Join this short course to explore how to integrate digital technologies into your teaching practice for more future-focused education.

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Outcomes & Pathways

What this course offers and how you will benefit

As digital technologies continue to progress there is a growing expectation in the teaching profession that learning needs to evolve to better prepare teachers and students for this changing world.

This two-week short course explores how to integrate digital technologies effectively into the curriculum to help your learners develop contemporary skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to collaborate.

You’ll explore how digital tools can be used in creative ways in cross-curricular contexts. You will be guided through collaborative teaching and learning, what it means for learners, tools that can support you in designing learning activities, and ways to develop your personal learning networks (PLN) in this interconnected world.

Demonstrate an understanding of next-generation learners’ needs and the changing context of education

Develop ways to integrate digital tools into educational practice

Discuss sustainable learning and education

Explore how collaborative learning and teaching can be integrated into different educational contexts.

Design learning activities to develop collaborative teaching and learning practices


What you will learn on this short course

Incorporate digital and collaborative practices into your teaching

Digital fluency and skills to maximise learning

Using stop motion for cross-curricular learning

Collaborative teaching, learning and assessment

Sustainable education for learning that lasts


What you need to know