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Sampler: Digital Skills for the Workplace

Gain confidence to use digital technology in your workplace with this short course.

2 Weeks
100% online learning

Outcomes and Pathways

What this course offers and how you will benefit

Sometimes fear of the unknown can hold us back, especially if digital technology seems like a mystery. 

This sampler course provides an introduction to our popular Digital Skills for the Workplace Micro-credential which has been delivered to hundreds of learners over the past two years. 

This short course will be useful for those whose digital skills are becoming dated and who want to dip their toes into upskilling. As a starting point, you will be able to identify digital skills that you would like to continue to develop, and explore opportunities to continue learning with snapshots into the Digital Skills for the Workplace micro-credential.

Begin to develop confidence and capability to help you deploy digital tools in your practice

Gain an awareness of digital skills and new digital processes that you would like to further develop


What you will learn on this short course

Build your digital skills and an awareness of opportunities for further learning

Digital Skills, Tools and Techniques

Explore some popular digital tools and how they can be used in the workplace

Digital Skills Gap Analysis

Reflect on your digital skills and understand how you can upskill for success now and in the future


What you need to know

Our Sampler courses are punchy introductions to emerging areas of expertise. Delivered entirely online through articles, videos and case studies, you learn at your own pace. Completely free, you can start at any time but you need to complete the course within 3 weeks from the time you begin. There is approximately 2-3 hours of content for you to explore per week.

Sampler short courses are free to enrol in. We’re excited to encourage more people to explore key topics that are of critical relevance today and into the future.

No, credits are not awarded for completion of the academyEX Sampler and Advancer courses as these are not accredited by NZQA. The Sampler and Advancer courses provide introductions, and you can build on your knowledge and skills through further study in our accredited programmes.

Our Sampler and Advancer short courses were developed in collaboration with industry experts. You will find interviews with industry experts in amongst the content for all the Sampler and Advancer courses as well as content from a range of sources.