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Earth Futures Lab

Programmes and qualifications to develop capabilities, innovations and actions that lead to equitable, sustainable outcomes.


Redesigning our future

Earth Futures Lab is the newest of academyEX's three core faculties. Developed in 2022, Earth Futures Lab was created to provide professionals with access to critical understanding and knowledge on sustainability, traceability, climate change, natural resource protection and responses to scarcity, equality, equity and mitigation.

The range of specialist subject areas covered under the Earth Futures Lab entity is interconnected by key themes and actions. Earth Futures Lab is dedicated to people who want to build long-lasting sustainable solutions to some of today's most pressing issues.

Our programmes focus on the urgent need to rethink and redesign our structural systems and priorities in our human-made world. We focus on the opportunities to re-establish our connections with our natural ecosystems and support the regeneration of sustainable environments and communities.

As the demand and urgency to provide products, services and systems that support a sustainable world increases, we need more people who know how to respond to and mitigate the environmental and social challenges of today, tomorrow and the future. We need professionals across all sectors to lead positive change initiatives that are inclusive, responsive and respectful of indigenous knowledge, as well as products and services that can be produced and authenticated as low-carbon, low-energy and without a downstream human toll on living or work conditions.

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Working for Good

The portfolio of course options offered by the Earth Futures Lab faculty is focused on the leadership and strategic decision-making tools that enable long-term value for customers, shareholders, the environment and society.

The focus across all of our programmes is to formulate effective ways to measure and mitigate the impact and dependence of your organisation on natural, human, and social capital. Learn how to build new value that reduces the negative impact on the natural environment by focusing on resource utilisation, asset management, product lifecycle and increasing sustainability. Learn how and why climate change action and reducing carbon emissions matter and how to reduce our dependence on outdated models of procurement, logistics, distribution and human capital.

Building Sustainable Futures

Build knowledge that supports people and planet

Through studying courses within the Earth Futures Lab faculty you will develop the understanding to critically review and undertake projects that move beyond carbon reduction to create long-term sustainable solutions for the planet and its people.

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Sustainable development

Learn how to take humanity to the next level


Expand your sustainability knowledge and how to intercept systems that are under-pressure to create positive, holistic and long-lasting change.


Explore how emerging technologies give us the ability to test, measure, predict and plan forward to better protect our natural environments. 


Develop a network of like minded changemakers to collaborate and build new innovations and approaches that create sustainable futures.