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Understanding Software Development Processes and Tools

Explore the fundamentals of software development and how software is created to deliver highly effective solutions through this short course.

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Outcomes and Pathways

What this course offers and how you will benefit

Gain an understanding of software development through this engaging course, developing practical skills and confidence to engage with developers and the understanding to be part of delivering great technology initiatives.

This course is designed for anyone wanting an introduction to elements of the software development pipeline. You will develop knowledge, skills and most importantly, a critical awareness of the complexity of software development and the value of teamwork and process. 

Developed by Dr David Parsons, an innovative educator and published academic, he brings over 20 years in software development to his role developing content for this course. This short course is a taster for the Understanding Software Development Processes and Tools Micro-credential also offered by academyEX.

Analyse the key features of software systems and processes

Evaluate the role of software development processes and tools in addressing the changing requirements based upon changing customer needs 

Develop and apply knowledge of software development processes and the tools used to build effective development teams


What you will learn on this short course

Understand the foundations of software development

Software development processes, roles, methodologies

Computer Programming, Data and Databases

Software Testing, Security and Requirements

Client-side presentation and server-side coding


What you need to know