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Yuka is the type of person who always asks ‘why’ - she’s a forever curious explorer who loves to understand more about people, technology and the world. Yuka hails from Japan but has settled in New Zealand with her husband and two boys, constantly keeping her on her toes with their own inherited inquisitive nature. 

With a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Auckland, Yuka has worked with Amazon, Japan to target developers to drive adoption of Alexa’s new services; and with Japanese Game Developer Voltage Inc. to promote Japanese game culture to the overseas market. ​New technologies, project management, planning and cultural sensitivity and awareness are what drives Yuka’s delivery and purpose.

She’s particularly interested in how to foster cross-cultural conversations, where everyone is heard and a unique hybrid solution is arrived at. This ability to localise and hybridise cultures was maximised at a role with Tourism NZ for both the 2011 and 2019 Rugby World Cups.

Yuka’s superpower is her deeply empathetic nature and insatiable curiosity, creating an openness to all sorts of ideas and experiences. That is a very welcome character for the students she supports as Programme Manager for the Master of Technological Futures.

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