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Felix Scholz

I help teams evolve from talking about innovation to achieving it!

Felix is an innovator, entrepreneur, experience designer and product/project manager. Always looking for the “Why?” and “How?” he is passionate about helping organisations to successfully manage their IT investments and transformation programs.

He started his career in professional services management at PWC in Germany, moving to its Auckland office in 2014. From there, Felix moved into a senior project management role at Fonterra and a stint as product delivery manager for blockchain-based business risk assessment service, SingleSource. Now, along with his work at Tech Futures Lab, Felix is focused on his own blockchain-based startups.

He is the founder of Stoke Ventures, (startup studio focused on digital strategy, design, user experience (UX) and technology) and co-founder of Central Place (making it easy for everyone to create user-friendly, trustful and secure decentralised marketplaces based on a shared economy blockchain platform).