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Sarah is someone who is super humble yet is able to make a big impact in other people’s lives. She’s never strived to be in the limelight, claiming she’s more of a ‘background’ person - her superpower of invisibility coming in handy.But it’s in this role as a ‘supporting’ act that Sarah finds most fulfillment - being able to help others manifest what they want for themselves is a joy to her. That character and that quiet yet powerful voice means Sarah’s just the right person to be our Programme Coordinator for the Master of Technological Futures and the Postgraduate Certificate in Human Potential for the Digital Economy. Her day to day is about keeping things humming and on track - so in essence, if things go the way Sarah plans, no one notices what she’s done!

Before joining Tech Futures Lab, Sarah was a Health Coach at Raukura Hauora o Tainui, working to empower people to manage their own health and wellbeing. Empowerment and agency is a thread that runs deep for Sarah. Alongside Tech Futures Lab colleague Anzel Singh, Sarah is Co-founder and COO of social enterprise start-up Socius XR - an experiential platform under development that plans to use Virtual Reality (VR) as a tool to create more inclusive workplaces. 

Sarah’s pathway to here has been founded by a passion to understand more about human behaviour. And ahead of her lies a desire to explore how those behaviours are impacted by the ever-changing technology landscape and what that means for our roles as human beings. 

Perhaps due to her involvement in Socius XR, Sarah sees the emerging convergence of education and VR as a big part of the future. The ability to learn in bite sized portions is where education is headed and using VR as an experiential platform in that learning experience will become the norm, not the exception.

In her spare time, squeezed in between her roles at TFL and Socius XR, Sarah loves to flex her creativity through capturing the moments other artists have in creating memorable things. It’s a beautiful inception of a creative finding creativity in others creativity.

If Sarah was to pick a song that she identifies with, it’d be ‘How did I get here’ by ODESZA. Somewhat ironic, because all that Sarah’s done so far, it's very clear she’s arrived exactly where she’s needed. And she will no doubt continue to go exactly where the world needs her into the future.

Academic achievements

  • Bachelor of Science at University of Auckland

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