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Paula Gair had a successful career working for, then consulting to, international Not For Profits in their early digital transformations (including fundraising, marketing, communications and organisational development) working and living around the world for more than 15 years (Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Canada, USA, UK and the Netherlands) before returning to NZ in 2011.She was the first student to enroll in the Master of Technological Futures programme at TFL in 2017 where she successfully completed a project that focused on cyber security risks and mitigation for a non technical audience (primarily families).

This research project was the genesis of – a cyber security, online safety and privacy start up that focuses on actionable solutions for families and schools.At Tech Futures Lab Paula advises current Masters Students; including ensuring Privacy by Design and Security by Design are included in project planning.Paula is a frequent speaker and commentator on Privacy, Cyber Security and Online Safety.She is also actively engaged in the NZ cyber security ecosystem; advocating safer defaults and nudges for citizens which would result in improved personal cyber security, online safety and privacy outcomes for all New Zealanders. She is equally passionate about seeing more girls study STEAM subjects and more women working in tech.


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