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Maheshi is driven by a passion to help others succeed. As a dedicated lifelong learner, she holds a Master’s degree in Marine Conservation, and Bioscience Enterprise. Complementing her academic credentials, Maheshi is certified in experiential design, making her a well-equipped Community Impact Lead. In her role, Maheshi crafts dynamic and transformative learning experiences via our events, ensuring that academyEX continues to be at the forefront of postgraduate education. 

Maheshi plays a pivotal role in fostering collaboration across the organisation orchestrating a myriad of events at academyEX. From engaging EXperience Challenges and EXplore session to Converge meetups and diverse workshops, she actively contributes to creating an enriching experience for our students, alumni, and the public. The goal is to offer comprehensive support that extends beyond the confines of the enrolled courses, ensuring a positive and holistic experience at academyEX.  

Her superpower is being ‘a bridger’ – she loves helping others get to where they want to go and is humbled by the opportunity to share in the joy of being a part of the journey. In today’s changing world, Maheshi believes the most important step people can take is to embrace life long learning - to follow your curiosity and keep an open mind to learning new things. 

Over the years and between marriage and starting a family, she’s studied and worked in both New Zealand and Australia. With a particular love for nature conservation, Maheshi admits she continues to seek ways to do good in the world and aspires to be involved in social enterprise. 

Maheshi is a true all-rounder, fitting the academyEX mould well, with a rather squiggly line career path that’s likely to continue as she’s attracted to learning from and working with diverse groups across industry fields. She has a strong background in research plus she knows her way around co-design practices, Intellectual property and research commercialisation.