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Keen on learning more about the innovative research happening at academyEX? Connect with us at Converge!

Designed as a dynamic hub to cultivate the research culture at academyEX, Converge is a safe and supportive environment where students, alumni, staff and industry professionals come together to collaboratively discuss and critique research ideas. It’s a great opportunity to learn and unlearn!

Who can join? Anyone can join our weekly converge meetup and our research symposium scheduled in June.

Meetup location: Online over Zoom

Meetup date & time: Tuesdays 12:30pm - 1:30pm


Hosted by us, open to all

At its simplest, Converge is about sharing research and/or project ideas, whatever stage they are at, with others to test and gather feedback.Contributions come in various shapes and sizes; they can be as refined as sharing a well-crafted article, or as spontaneous as discussing a recent learning from an event. Whether it’s practicing your project pitch or seeking help on a specific aspect of your research journey, there’s room for all levels of polish and informality! You never know what you’ll learn!

Whilst academyEX staff will organise and host the Converge meetups, we encourage all our community members to help facilitate these events and support your peers. This means engaging in the discussion, sharing insights and contributing to the overall collaborative atmosphere.

All our Converge events operate on a foundation of inclusivity and empowerment, where there are no hierarchies. In the spirit of Ako, everyone is both a contributor and learner. Best of all, participation is completely free.

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Rhythm of Converge

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Converge meetups occur every Tuesday on Zoom from 12:30pm - 1:30pm. 

The conversation each week will be shaped by who has stepped forward to contribute but will usually revolve around one of academyEX’s overarching themes, such as delving into the influence of disruptive technologies on our lives and harnessing them for positive transformation, or exploring the creation of sustainable change through inclusive leadership practice, and examine how emerging technologies can support this change. 

Emerging from our Converge meetups, the annual Converge Symposium, which will be held in June, is the next evolution as we build our research culture, support emerging researchers and generally feed our collective curiosity. The Symposium brings together a group of open-minded critical thinkers for robust discussions and acquiring new knowledge, providing a platform to seek feedback, ask questions, and explore alternative viewpoints.

Upcoming Schedule

  • Converge meetups: Tuesdays 12:30pm - 1:30 pm (13th February - 17th December)

  • Converge Symposium: 14th June 2024

  • Converge Poster Evening: 15th November 2024

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Be part of our vibrant research community

Register your interest in attending or contributing at a Converge meetup right here. Upon registration, expect a calendar invitation to land in your inbox, filled with all the essential details. For those keen on contributing, anticipate a personal touch - one of our team members will reach out to guide you through the process.

Community Guidelines

In all our learning experiences, we strive to create a safe yet dynamic environment for ideation and discussion. Converge, specifically designed to foster numerous opportunities for critical engagement, places a significant emphasis on this aspect. Critical engagement serves as the cornerstone, aiming to illuminate potential blindspots in your research, broaden perspectives and instil a commitment to systems and impact thinking.

This approach is grounded in our Te Ara Kōtihi principles and values, anchored by manaaki, rangatiratanga, pono and ako. To ensure alignment with these principles, we have established guidelines for everyone to adhere to. By participating in Converge meetups, you commit to embracing these guidelines, which are essential in maintaining the integrity of our shared research space.

Respect others:

Promoting a culture of respect and constructive dialogue is paramount in our interactions. While we encourage open expression of diverse opinions, it’s essential that disagreements are communicated with a sincere intent to educate and enlighten. Your voice is valued, and by fostering an environment where different perspectives are shared respectfully, we contribute to a more enriching and collaborative discussion. 

Share to support growth of mindsets:

Fostering a collaborative environment involves open communication and receptivity. Where you are sharing ideas to support someone else’s or receiving input and feedback, maintaining openness is key. When contributing, be transparent in your ideas and utilise appreciative inquiry questioning to encourage curiosity and open-minded thinking. In turn, when receiving input, strive to keep an open mind and appreciate the diverse contributions that enhance the overall discussion. 

Share for the purpose of positive development:

This space is not intended for the promotion of existing commercial products or services. Instead, it’s dedicated to ideation, the developmental journey, and the exploration of possibilities with the aim of achieving widespread impact. 

Be commercially sensitive

In order to create a secure environment for idea sharing, we operate on the understanding that any intellectual property (IP) shared during the meetup session remains within the confines of that session. The primary purpose of the forum is to foster the ethical growth and nurturing of ideas. Should you wish to collaborate or offer expertise to a contributor, you will have the opportunity to establish direct contact with them outside of the meetup session, subject to the contributor’s discretion.