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Insights and Action Meetup:
Navigating the Digital Maze

Are you ready to decode the technical jumble and discover how artificial intelligence could potentially make our lives easier? Join us as we dive deep into the "great convergence" of digital technologies.

Who can join? Open to students, alumni, and staff of academyEX, with the option to bring a friend.

Event location: academyEX HQ, Grafton, Auckland

Event date & time: 20th March, 4:30pm - 6:00pm

Refreshments will be provided.

Digital Maze

Insights and Action Meetup

What to expect

In this Insights and Action meetup, Dr Roy Davies, a seasoned veteran in the field of assistive technologies, will aim to:

  • untangle the complex web of today's emerging digital technologies

  • unpick the technical jumble whilst remembering that it is the human in the loop that is most important.

  • introduce you to a novel tool called 'Reality2', aimed at simplifying the creation of valuable digital tools for humans.

So don’t miss out on what will be a stimulating discussion and an opportunity to broaden your understanding of what the digital future holds.

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