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“Technology is evolving a paradigm shift from the information age to the intelligence age; placing powerful, mind enhancing tools at our fingertips, new non-physical ways to alter our realities.”

Dr. Roy Davies is a pioneer in Virtual Reality, specialising initially in its application to real world situations such as brain injury rehabilitation and participatory design.

He completed his post-graduate studies at Lund University in Sweden, and set up one of the first VR research centres in Europe. He then returned to New Zealand to head Nextspace, a collaboration between the NZ government and software developers Right Hemisphere to catalyse research and new product/application development in the 3D graphics space. A spell at AUT’s Business Innovation Centre followed before he co-founded Imersia, which brings the power of multi-user mixed reality to mobile devices. Imersia has invented a revolutionary and patentable method of distributing digital and immersive gamified content to any location, and has had successes in location-based digital storytelling and marketing.

Roy has spent time in both research and business environments, and is uniquely placed to understand the stresses of both and bridge the ‘gap’. He conveys useful research and education into the commercial world and brings complex, practical problems into the research world, as well as providing valuable direction to courses and training programmes. 

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