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2 May, 2021 - 1 min read

The Impact Series - How to learn to trust your entrepreneurial spirit

There’s usually someone we can think of in our lives who is able to stretch more out of everything - every hour, every day, every idea, they just know how to balance and juggle a ton of things while seemingly sailing through it all making big waves as they go.

Michael Khuwatteanasenee is one of those people - a go-getting entrepreneur who seems to have been born with an innate ability to spot opportunities and spring into action at the right time.

Although he admits he’s used any opportunity to refine his techniques, Sacha spoke with Michael and found that his drive and spirit to keep learning, discovering and testing things out has led to a long list of ventures, one of which could well shake-up the packaging industry for good. 

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Production credits: Interview by Sacha McNeil, supporting content and project management by Anna Reid, Kate Bruce and Rhian Bedford-Palmer from Tech Futures Lab.  Vision and sound by Braam Compton and Bernadette Weitsz from Compton Creative, and graphic visuals by Megan Ying.

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