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Anna is our incredible master of words. She reads, listens, probes, reflects, researches and turns what she has gathered into thought-provoking and creative pieces of writing to help share our vision. If you read something on our website, or come across a piece of marketing material or a video from us, it’s Anna you can likely thank for making many of the complex and multi-layered concepts in our field easy for anyone to digest. Not only that, but she manages to do it in as few words as possible!

Part of Anna’s role is interviewing our learners to capture their stories, and sharing the ‘why’ behind our organisation. She’s constantly weaving in our brand tone of voice while also allowing the voices of our learners and staff to shine through, and making sure everything we put out there is fresh and adds value – no easy task!

With a Bachelor of Business majoring in Management, and a Diploma in Marketing from AUT, as well as two of our own micro-credentials (Organisational Agility and Leading Beyond Sustainability), Anna is no stranger to lifelong learning. In fact she never stops, currently she’s completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Science Communication at Otago University.

Anna believes the future lies in regenerative practices - whether its business, education or the household. And this means growing our skills in critical systems-led thinking, but equally in creativity. After making a late change in her own career direction, she’s realised everyone has creativity to offer and that can lead to some incredible ideas that could make the world a better place.

If time travel was a thing, Anna would love to sit down and chat with her grandmother (or Por Por) from her mum's side. She’d love to know more about her escape communist China with her two young daughters, and how she mustered the courage to push past the fear she undoubtedly held. Ultimately that courageous act is why we have the wonderful Anna, so I think we’d all be pretty keen to show our gratitude to Por Por.

One of Anna’s superpowers is a sixth sense to spot her arch nemesis, whitetail spiders, anytime they are in a room.

Although whitetails probably aren’t Anna’s biggest fans, we certainly are, and we appreciate her ability to craft the stories of our organisation as well as offer ever-interesting and inspiring water cooler chat.