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9 Nov, 2022 - 4 min read

It’s easy to learn with The Mind Lab, no matter where in the world you are

Whether you live in New Zealand or further away, The Mind Lab’s unique interactive online learning programmes are only ever a click away.

A recent opportunity to share that experience with a cohort of educators in Viet Nam proved that online learning is not only a massive open online course (MOOC) or a one-size fits all programme. Online learning with The Mind Lab is flexible and accessible but still allows personal experience, connection and for you to gain skills and knowledge you can use in what you do, wherever you do it.

Earlier this year, The Mind Lab and Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao (ENZ) partnered to run a pilot of our Digital and Collaborative Teaching and Learning micro-credential with a group of keen educators across Viet Nam.

Through a scholarship offered by ENZ, we welcomed a diverse range of educators from university lecturers to high school teachers and government officials into the pilot cohort.

The pilot of the 15-week teacher programme was a success and all learners recently graduated in a virtual graduation ceremony, a high point for all involved in the experience.

For our two programme facilitators Truman Phan and Darcy Vo, who were both born in Viet Nam and worked as teachers there before emigrating to NZ, the opportunity to teach and then participate in this pilot cohort’s graduation was particularly uplifting.

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Darcy Vo, Postgraudate Director at The Mind Lab

“It’s been a privilege to be a part of these learners’ experiences. It’s been emotional too, it was especially moving to be part of the virtual graduation ceremony and hear the impact the course has had on these teachers and education leaders. They invested time and energy to learn and use this new knowledge in their teaching practice.”

An online learning experience that’s left lasting impressions

For the Viet Nam based learners, the experience in taking the Digital and Collaborative Teaching and Learning micro-credential has left a positive impact on their teaching practice and digital skills, but also on them personally.

“…this is the first time I have experienced New Zealand education and after attending the course I can now understand why many students, teachers and educators in Viet Nam dream of having the opportunity to further study in your country.

Mai Huong, University Lecturer, Digital and Collaborative Teaching and Learning graduate.

It wasn’t just about what people learnt but how they learnt and who was part of that learning experience. 

As one of the two programme facilitators, Darcy connected directly with each and every learner to understand their personal situations in life and work. In many ways, Darcy’s actions role modelled to the learners that providing flexibility and empathy to students actually contributes to successful learner outcomes.

From a Viet Nam context, this was a new experience. The education system is still hierarchical – lecturers have the ultimate authority and individual learners are mostly left to get through their learning on their own. 

But at The Mind Lab, we work very differently. Our teaching and learning strategy is about placing the learner at the centre and that means we build support around people to ensure their success, whatever that looks like to them. 

“…this course has helped me change my mind a lot about collaboration and sustainability in education.”

Hung Le Phan, University Lecturer, Digital and Collaborative Teaching and Learning graduate.

Conversation becomes action

The opportunity to run a pilot programme in Viet Nam came out of a conversation between Postgraduate Director at The Mind Lab Truman Pham and ENZ Market Manager Van Banh about the differences between the New Zealand postgraduate education and Viet Nam. 

The Southeast Asian country is on a national digital transformation drive and that includes upskilling educators to deliver digital-first teaching experiences.
Through their conversations, Truman and Van quickly realised that The Mind Lab’s Digital and Collaborative Teaching and Learning micro-credential (DCTL) was a perfect introduction for Vietnamese educators across the teaching sector to begin developing innovative approaches in their teaching practice.

New Zealand designed, globally adaptable learning

Despite the education systems being very different between New Zealand and Viet Nam, the topics and outcomes of the DCTL micro-credential are entirely adaptable to local environments. The postgraduate level programme is about innovating in education in the digital age but allows learners to apply that within their own specific pedagogical requirements.

All learning at The Mind Lab is about context not content. Like all programmes at The Mind Lab, the DCTL micro-credential delivers a consistent experience for everyone but the live online sessions gave learners the opportunity to contextualise their learning, ask questions specific to their needs, or to get help applying the learning to their context.

“This course offers me tools  to integrate new practices into classes, especially for my undergraduate students who have really high demands of learning.”

Giang Vo, University Lecturer, Digital and Collaborative Teaching and Learning graduate.

Continued partnership to support innovative education in Viet Nam

After a successful pilot, The Mind Lab and ENZ will continue to find opportunities to deliver our unique online learning experience to more educators in Viet Nam. In late October 2022, Truman flew to Ho Chi Minh city to participate in the ENZ Conference, part of a contingent to showcase New Zealand’s brand of education to the Viet Nam market. 

We hope that in 2023 we’ll see more learners from around the world take advantage of the supported online learning programmes The Mind Lab offers. 
Because building the skills to help create impactful futures is at the heart of what we do. No matter where you are in the world, we want that potential for change to be possible for anyone.

Find an online learning experience that suits you

To inject innovation, creativity and a digital-first approach into your teaching practice, try our Digital Collaborative Teaching and Learning micro-credential. Or check out our range of Short Courses – across technology, sustainability, education and leadership for change, there’s many ways you can get started today upskilling online, no matter where you are in our world.