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28 Jul, 2022 - 4 min read

What employers can do to upskill their employees

Upskilling your employees adds measurable value to your organisation

If you’re managing a team or leading an organisation, never far from your mind will be the question: how do I keep my people motivated and engaged but most importantly, not looking elsewhere.

In this tight labour market, it’s never been easier to jump from one job to another and jump up a pay bracket. So how can you retain your people, reward them for their energy and still grow your business?

One simple word: upskilling.

What is upskilling? In a nutshell, upskilling is boosting practical skills and capabilities in a short period of time.

Micro-credentials are our solution to the need for resilient organisations that thrive in this fast changing world.

Power packed, our micro-credential courses range from 7-15 weeks, are NZQA accredited and designed in collaboration with industry experts. Topics range from disruptive technologies to sustainability, digital skills to innovation - cornerstones of confidence in tomorrow’s world.

Okay. But who’s got the time?

There aren’t enough hours in the week now so making time for people to upskill seems impossible, right?

Not when the upskilling is practical and immediately applicable. In fact, we’re confident it’ll improve productivity because we focus on building skills, capabilities and knowledge learners can use right away.

For example in our Digital Skills for the Workplace micro-credential, learners experiment with techniques like Reverse Brainstorming that makes getting things done more fruitful and efficient.

The knowledge is always current. Leading technologists and facilitators share their real world experiences of what works, and what doesn’t.

For easy access, learning is done online through our Learning Management System; Ako Mai. Self-paced and set up in a ‘flipped content’ format, learners read, watch and listen to content ahead of weekly class sessions.

Classes are like active work meetings too; informal Q&A sessions with industry experts ready to answer questions, challenges and ideas, straight away.

Best of all, real work projects can be used for assessments, building skills and new knowledge to apply immediately to whatever your business is focused on for growth.

Like in our Disruptive Technologies micro-credential. Learners get an understanding about emerging tech like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and develop a plan on a page that identifies which ones will add scalable impact in your business.

At the end, your people walk away with actionable plans that can move your organisation ahead faster with solutions that are future-ready.

Upskilling with us is time well spent.

Right. But why spend the money?Money’s always tight, especially now. But reducing your overheads isn’t how you grow a business. You need to make more, rather than spend less. Innovation is how to make those leaps and bounds.

For sustainable growth today and into the future, we need different sets of tools from the ones we learnt at university or early on in our careers. If you’re not investing in expanding the tools and skills of your team, they’ve basically been depreciating from the day you hired them.

The fresh innovative thinking your people gain by upskilling with us is invaluable in this competitive and fast changing environment. And compared to a two day conference that’s all talk and no action, at $450 (incl. GST) our micro-credential courses are highly price competitive, with real results to show. A 10-week micro-credential is a weekly cost of just $45. Incredible value.

Upskilling with us is an investment that keeps on giving.

Why not just upskill inhouse?

In-house L&D is awesome and perfect for managing the vocational training needs of your team. But the knowledge gained remains exclusive to your industry sector and often tactical. Real gains in innovation and fresh strategic thinking comes from mixing with people who are not doing what you’re doing.

The transferable skills and knowledge our micro-credentials build are not specific to any industry, yet are able to be used by any organisation.

People who join our micro-credentials come from all parts of the economy - for profit, not for profit, government, industry, traditional, cutting edge. This creates a learning environment rich with diverse thinking, from people who bring different experiences, insights and approaches. There are rare opportunities like this to work alongside a cohort of people eager to collaborate and not compete for new ways to do things that move the dial.

Upskilling with us will give your organisation a fresh injection of ideas.

Lead your people into the future

There’s a saying that goes ‘what if I invest in my people and they leave?’ But of course the answer to that is, ‘what if you don’t, and they stay’.

In today’s fast changing world, upskilling your people with transferable adaptive skills will not only reinvigorate their outlook in the work they do, it’ll deliver innovation to your organisation.

Talk with us today about your upskilling needs. We’re sure to have a solution for you.