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16 May, 2024 - 4 min read

Experience the EX factor:
How our Masters Programmes Drive Real-world Change

When thinking about taking the next big step in your career, a master's degree usually comes to mind. It's that trusted stepping stone that promises to take you further. But let's face it, the thought of committing to a traditional master's programme can be daunting. With their rigid structure, hefty time commitments, and sometimes a disconnect from the real world, it's no wonder many of us hesitate. That's exactly where academyEX steps in, with its refreshingly unique, hands-on, and future-ready master's programmes.

We recently had a chance to catch up with some of our academyEX alumni during an information session, where they shared their personal journey through the academyEX's masters programmes. Their stories, which you can watch in the recording below, highlight what sets academyEX apart - a special ingredient we like to call the "EX factor." As we move along in this blog, we'll be exploring this in more detail, drawing on the experiences shared by our alumni.

A Masters Programme Like No Other

"It's not a thesis. I'm actually applying the change; I'm doing it. I'm not just writing about it," says Roschelle Marshall, an academyEX alumni of the Master of Change and Organisational Resilience programme. AcademyEX's master's programmes are notably different from conventional courses. The learning experience is designed to flip the script on conventional learning to drive practical implementation and actual change. It's about making a real difference in your field of work, using research and learning to fuel this journey.

Flexibility and Personalisation

Committing to a master's programme can be daunting, especially when your life is already full with work, family, and all the everyday stuff. That's why at academyEX we offer flexibility and personalization that lets you weave your learning journey into your life, not the other way round.

As John Perez, alumni of the Master of Technological Futures programme, explains, "Through the negotiated outputs, you are able to realise that in practice." AcademyEX encourages you to bring your ideas and drivers of change into the space, allowing the formulaic structure of typical postgrad programmes to evolve into a dynamic process tailored to your aspirations and commitments.

Emphasis on the Individual

AcademyEX champions your unique ideas and learning progression. As Maila Alatasi, alumni of the Master of Contemporary Education programme shares, "I knew that I wanted to focus around leadership... But, as you learn and as your learning grows and evolves, so does your project and you'll come to a project that is really fitting for the area that you're exploring." The focus on individual growth is not limited to the learning process but extends even to the assessment structure. John notes, "It's not all dependent on this one thing being perfect, because the learning happens all the way through the 18 months."

Relevant, Industry-Specific Knowledge

AcademyEX seamlessly integrates industry-relevant knowledge into its programmes, equipping you with invaluable skills applicable directly to your professional life. Drawing from a blend of industry experts and in-house expertise, academyEX offers a dynamic and versatile learning platform that is responsive to the shifting trends of the industry.

Building Community

Being part of academyEX is more than just learning - it's about becoming part of a vibrant, supportive community. As Brendon Shaw, alumni of the Master of Contemporary Education programme, puts it, "Even the graduation was different and tailored specifically for the students, for the well-being of the students."

There are plenty of opportunities for networking, creating lifelong connections that extend way beyond graduation. In addition to academic and professional growth, we place a strong emphasis on fostering these connections. We provide several platforms for interaction, including our research platform, Converge, which hosts weekly meetings for the exchange of ideas. Our quarterly briefings keep you informed about global trends and shifts, while our events encourage deeper conversations that supplement your learning journey.

Financial Support and Scholarship Opportunities

We also recognise the financial challenges that can come with pursuing a master's degree, which is why we offer flexi-pay options, designed to let you fund your studies in a way that suits your personal situation. We also provide a wide range of scholarships aimed at making education more accessible. We're invested in breaking down barriers to help you shape your future.

Get your EX factor

AcademyEX is undoubtedly an EXceptional choice, not just for the sheer quality and relevance of its master's programmes but for the fundamental respect it holds for each learner's journey. It offers the rare blend of a supportive community, practical application, and the flexibility needed for you to succeed. In the journey to future-proof your career, we hope you consider our masters programmes at academyEX, where you don't just earn a degree, you uncover your very own "EX factor".

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Maheshi Wadasinghe & ChatGPT-4

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