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The Power of Resilience:
Authentic Leadership in a Fast-Changing World

New leadership is needed in a changing world. Resilient leaders navigate change successfully, but what qualities do they possess and how can they be developed authentically? Join us to find out.

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The power of resilience: Authentic leadership in a fast-changing world.

What to expect

In a world of constant change, it is clear that new types of leadership are required to guide organisations and communities through these challenging times. Resilience is an essential quality that leaders must possess to navigate through rapid changes successfully. But what are the qualities that resilient leaders possess, and how can they be developed in an authentic value-driven way that builds trust and agility?

This korero will reflect on the kind of qualities resilient leaders can draw from. We will hear from Dr. Allanah Johnston, our Lead for the Master of Organisational Change and Resilience Programme, who will give an overview of resilient leadership, before we move into a discussion. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, and share your thoughts and experiences.