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Satellite Conference Day 2:
AI for Creative Industries (Future of Creation)

The AI Forum New Zealand, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), WētāFX, WeCreate and CreativeHQ are proud to present this two-day conference looking at the place of AI in Creative Industries and how we can use these new capability to shape the future.

Both days will be streamed to academyEX HQ in Grafton, Auckland as one of the satellite locations for this event.


Satellite Conference Day 2

What to expect

By addressing the opportunities and risks of AI we can address the risks effectively and be
better placed to utilise the advantages of AI – helping our Creative Industries to be technology takers and drivers of our own destiny.

With leading industry speakers, informed panel discussions and targeted topics at workshop-
style roundtables, we bring together an international event based out of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Day 2 will be discussions on policy, ethics, the impact on creative people and the work – all with an eye into the future.
Day 2 Agenda: Future of Creation
08:50 am Karakia / Welcome
Theme 3: Gen AI Revolution
09:05 am Beautiful Creative Story (video): RevoTech (MDS) Showcase
09:05 am Cristobal Valenzuela (Runway): Gen AI is resetting the dial and it's doing it FAST. It will transform the future of work in the creative world. But what's coming and how should we respond?
09:45 am Workshop: RevoTech: Learning how to use related toolsets
10:30 am Morning tea break

Theme 4: A Strong and Sustainable AI Economy
11:00 am Beautiful Creative Story (Video)
11:05 am Panel: AI and GenAI will be transformational for everyone involved in the creative industries. Innovation can be tricky to underpin with business shifts to make it sustainable and effective. How do we build skills, education, regulation and infrastructure to make it work?
11:45 am Workshop: Learning how to use related toolsets

12:30 pm Lunch break

Theme 5: Deep Data and Wisdom of Crowds
13:00 pm Beautiful Creative Story (Video)
13:05 pm Panel: Forging relationships with technology
13:45 pm Workshop: Learning how to use related toolsets

14:30 pm Afternoon break

Theme 6: Humans in the Loop
15:00 pm Beautiful Creative Story (Video)
15:05 pm Panel: Are we cutting humans out of the loop? Do we risk losing a vital spark?
15:45 pm Workshop: Learning how to use related toolsets

16:30 pm Closing remarks
16:40 pm Closing Karakia

With interest already from Australia this could easily become a global event.
It’s a fantastic opportunity to combine the creators, thought leaders, academia and government in AI and Creative ecosystems of industry leaders, start-ups, government and academia under one roof to secure a successful and global leading, AI-powered future.