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AI Hackathon 2024

AI Forum NZ Presents the AI for the Environment Hackathon Festival for 2024. AcademyEX is delighted to be hosting this event again, and we invite you to join us and solve real-world environmental problems with AI.

You’ll learn new skills, create connections, make an impact and network with mentors.

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Who can join? Anyone who wants to solve real world problems in protect our water resources, fighting climate change, reduce pollution, manage land use, preserve biodiversity and improve the ways we experience our own environments.

Event location: academyEX, 99 Khyber Pass Road, Grafton, Auckland

Event date & time: 9th & 10th August (9am - 6pm both days)

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Meet the presenters

Maheshi Wadasinghe | Learning Experience Lead
AI Hackathon 2024

This year, the AI Hackathon festival will be expanding on the problems to solve beyond the five key environmental outcomes (AI for the Environment Report 2022) to include Kaitiakitanga, embracing our connection to the land and surrounding natural environment fulfilling our roles as custodians.

The problems to solve are based on the six key environmental outcomes (AI for the Environment Report 2022). They have expanded these to make them more relevant to all participants in 2024.

The cases are sourced from NGOs and citizen science groups to provide real problems to solve that are relevant to each location. These organisations provide subject matter expertise ahead of time and on the day. Participants are also welcome to bring their own problems to solve and we encourage early sharing of these ideas so we can help provide data sets and technology support.

Participants will learn new skills, create connections and make an impact. Check out last year’s highlights including the prize haul! Plus, every hacker receives a free t-shirt.

● Live Q&A sessions will be hosted, providing useful resources to help you prepare.
● Hackathons are a safe place for a diverse range of people to unite and solve problems.
● Each team will pitch their idea to a judging panel and location winners will be announced.
● the judging panel will select finalists to pitch their idea at the 2024 Aotearoa AI Summit, 11 September in Auckland.
● The national winner will be announced at the 2024 Aotearoa AI Summit, 11 September in Auckland.