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Generative AI tools and technologies

You’ve heard so much about Generative AI - now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and learn how to use the tools. This Generative AI bootcamp will provide you and your colleagues the ability to learn how to use AI tools specific to your sector.

Flexible dates from Jan 2024
$595 (including GST) per person, minimum 10 people
AI Bootcamp

Learning Outcomes

What you will gain from this course

Working knowledge of Generative AI tools to build a competitive advantage

Every day, new Generative AI tools are being released on the market. They are creating an unfair advantage for those who know how to use them.

Confidence to discover new Generative AI tools and develop new understanding

Build understanding of how AI can drive performance, impact, productivity and capacity. Learn how to evaluate new tools and understand which tools are best for your business.

An understanding of the risks, privacy and biases that Generative AI creates

No new technology comes without risks. From deep fakes, hallucinations, cybersecurity threats to privacy concerns. AI might bring many advantages but it equally brings levels of risk around what and who to trust, ethics, privacy and data security.

Learn how to unlock strategic business solutions with Generative AI

Generative AI is disrupting business in profound and unchartered ways. The door to the future will see AI underpin almost all business functions from marketing, design, procurement to fulfilment and customer acquisition. Learn to take advantage.

Generative AI has the potential to change the world in ways that we can’t even imagine. It has the power to create new ideas, products, and services that will make our lives easier, more productive, and more creative. It also has the potential to solve some of the world’s biggest problems, such as climate change, poverty, and disease. The future of generative AI is bright, and I’m excited to see what it will bring.

Bill Gates


Where could this take your organisation?

Take your new knowledge, skills, confidence and tools back to your business and leapfrog your competitors.

Future-proof your organisation

By learning about the tools and technologies Generative AI can bring to your organisation, you will improve productivity, and become more innovative and responsive to new opportunities.

Ensure AI is at the heart of your strategic planning and operations

Once you understand the tools and technologies, your organisation will have the opportunity to build Generative AI into strategic planning and operations.

Attract and retain talent

By deploying and using the most up to date Generative AI tools and technologies, you will be able to attract and retain progressive and skilled staff.


How this workshop is structured

Incorporate Generative AI into your organisation and stay ahead of competitors

Prepare for the workshop

There are literally thousands of Generative AI tools to be discovered; we recommend most participants subscribe to ChatGPT4 prior to the workshop, to take advantage of the many plug-ins offered by the paid version of this tool.

Learning through doing

During the workshop you will test a range of Generative AI tools and evaluate which tools provide the best solutions for your organisation. Discover ways to write, query, design, draw, predict, plan, create and explore with AI tools. Learn to write effective prompts to generate the best results.

Make your organisation future fit

We will guide you on a journey of innovation and digital transformation to help your organisation prepare and lead from the front.

Leap into the future

If this workshop sparks your passion for Generative AI, come and further your practice with a Generative AI project on our Master of Technological Futures or our Disruptive Technologies micro-credential


What you need to know

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