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13 Apr, 2023 - 2 min read

Empowering Educators in Vietnam

Empowering Educators in Vietnam | Stories | academyEX

Vietnam has rapidly emerged as one of the top five sources of international students pursuing study abroad opportunities, with a strong inclination towards studying in New Zealand.

In response to the successful completion of the first Vietnamese cohort of teachers and lecturers in the Micro-credential 'Digital and Collaborative Teaching and Learning' in 2022, which focused on innovative teaching methods and effective lesson plans, and modern pedagogy, academyEX participated in Education New Zealand's (ENZ) education fairs in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. These events, aimed at promoting study abroad and study in New Zealand options, also featured a workshop on Micro-credentials in Future-Focused Education at Ton Duc Thang University (Ho Chi Minh City). The delegation included myself, Dr. Truman Pham, Postgraduate Director, and Victoria Smith, Customer Experience Lead.

Marking the first in-person gatherings for Education New Zealand in Vietnam after three years, these study abroad events showcased the growing need for digital transformation in Vietnam's educational landscape. Conversations with key university staff prior to the events highlighted the importance of upskilling teachers and lecturers in digital technology applications, modern teaching methods, and well-designed lesson plans, and advanced pedagogy for real-world student learning, engagement, and 21st-century skills development.

 “Digital tools, lean thinking, planning an educational innovation”

Hung Le Phan, Lecturer at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education.

Throughout these events, we connected with numerous dynamic and passionate young individuals eager to study abroad, particularly in New Zealand, to positively impact their careers and society. Several attendees actively participated in educational transformations by founding startups addressing technology gaps, innovative teaching methods, and effective lesson plans in classrooms and curricula across all levels.

Visitors flocked to the fairs to explore learning opportunities in New Zealand, a country consistently ranked in the top three for future-focused education over the past five years. We noted a preference for diverse learning methods, such as increasingly popular pedagogical approaches  from Vietnam, which often incorporates modern online learning , with traditional in-person experiences like those encountered when students study in New Zealand.

“useful digital tools for project based task management, digital competencies, innovative-teaching and learning”.

Nhi Ai Thi Truong, high school English teacher. 

At academyEX, we are at the forefront of New Zealand's digital transformation in education and business, offering a wide range of postgraduate programs that cater to various knowledge needs and learning preferences with an emphasis on cutting-edge pedagogical approaches and effective lesson plans. Our programs include short courses, Micro-credentials, and Master's programs designed for those seeking to study abroad and study in New Zealand.

Participating in these fairs and workshops reflects academyEX's commitment to supporting Vietnam's educational transformation and fostering global connections, helping students realise their dreams of studying in New Zealand while exploring innovative pedagogical methods. By providing access to these innovative teaching methods and lesson plans, we empower educators to drive positive change in their classrooms and promote the adoption of forward-thinking  approaches. As we continue to engage with international students and educational institutions, we look forward to broadening our reach and impact, empowering learners worldwide to excel in the rapidly evolving digital landscape while promoting rewarding international educational experiences.