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25 Jan, 2022 - 43 min read

Using Ai and machine learning to create positive experiences on Social Media.

The Impact Series with Tim Gander

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In this first episode of The Impact Series Podcast Series 2, Tim talks about all things social media and its darker side.

Social media may give you a direct line out into the world, but it is also a direct line into you, with no filter, no protection, and no holds barred. And it can attract some nasty commentary.

That kind of toxicity is unhealthy, but without any way to protect yourself from it, your only option is to leave.

So while it would be better if we all behaved ourselves, and treated each other with respect, technologies like AI and machine learning are being used as commentary overseers, stepping in to drown out the negative, with positive, reinforcing messages.

Our host Tim Gander caught up with two incredible wāhine, who have taken it upon themselves to fight online toxicity. Jacqueline Comer and Rebecca Lee, Master of Technological Futures graduates speak about what drew them to collaborate and develop Fair Play Bot, a solution now offered by tech start-up, Areto Labs as a culture-changing cure to help combat hateful commentary directed at athletes on social media.

Learn more or get involved with the good sorts over at Areto Labs

  • Visit their website to learn more about Probot and FairPlaybot

  • Follow them on Twitter

  • Read their Medium articles

  • Read the Amnesty International research report mentioned in the podcast about Twitter's scorecard in addressing abuse online

  • Find out more about Tech Futures Lab's Master of Technological Futures

Production credits: Interview by Tim Gander, content development by Anna Reid, editing, post production, graphic design and project management by Marcelle Domingo from Tech Futures Lab.