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8 Jan, 2023 - 5 min read

Learn for our future on Earth

Learn for our future on Earth Article Hero

Earth Futures Lab is dedicated to teaching knowledge, skills and capability to address urgent sustainability challenges. We believe that through humanity’s innovation and creativity we can find solutions that ensure we’ll have a future on this fantastic planet.

The challenges are confronting

From water and food security, to rising sea levels, climate refugees and extreme weather, the impact of how we’ve designed our societies is now being seen, and felt, with dire consequences.

Unwittingly, most actions and behaviours we’ve established over the anthropocene are now causing irreparable damage to the world’s ecosystems.

How New Zealand, and the world, responds to these challenges calls on us to build sustainability and regeneration into everything we do. The need has never been more urgent as we work to protect the fragility of our earth’s systems. 

Earth Futures Lab for action

Through Earth Futures Lab, you’ll connect with experts who share in-depth insights, experiences and thought leadership to help you make sense of how you can create sustainable environments, lifestyles and practices. 

Across a wide range of interrelated topics from renewable energy, the role of technology in addressing sustainability, to circular economy models, and the role of impact investing. We talk about sustainability but the goal is to go beyond it towards regenerative thriving environments.

Studying with Earth Futures Lab will arm you with knowledge to turn in-action into action.

Sustainability from an Aotearoa New Zealand perspective

New Zealand has an unfair advantage in regards to sustainability. We have an abundance of natural resources, we employ innovative practices, as a nation we’re working hard to incorporate unique indigenous perspectives, and only have the South Pacific Ocean on our border.

Learning with Earth Futures Lab, from a New Zealand perspective will give you the skills to apply an impact lens to your decision making.  It will become instinctive to think critically and holistically to balance people, place and planet outcomes. You’ll feel empowered, not overwhelmed, as you develop a growth mindset and apply adaptive behavioural strategies that shift the focus from ‘me’ to ‘we’.

If you are curious, open minded and committed to change, Earth Futures Lab has learning for you. Check out our range of short courses and qualifications to make sustainability your expertise.