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30 Dec, 2020 - 3 min read

Uncertainty is the skill of future leaders

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Being in a state of uncertainty, it can feel as if our future lacks stability. The anxiety that comes with unpredictability can leave us feeling reluctant and uncomfortable.

And while uncertainty can make it ‘seem’ difficult to navigate your future, the reality is that everyone has the capacity to find resolution in precarious times. 

We are living in the pandemic of uncertainty, but with uncertainty comes opportunity and purpose.

Navigating through uncertainty is a skill in itself. Whether it’s being able to ‘roll with the punches’ or come up with contingency plans, applying a transformational mindset to your approach is what makes the qualities of an exceptional leader. Leading Change for Good & Leading Beyond Sustainability are courses we offer at academyEX that teach people how to lead in disruptive situations. We believe that leading requires understanding. An ever-evolving world requires an ever-evolving mind, an open mind with a diverse authentic outlook to lead change for good! 

Uncertainty in the Digital Sector

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Uncertainty in the digital sector can take form in digital disruption, which is transformation that emerges from business models, technologies & social change (Oxford College of Marketing, 2016). It’s no secret that COVID-19 has caused disruption, forcing businesses to think on their feet to pursue collective goals. But what happens when other issues occur? What happens when there’s a massive skill shortage? What do we do when negotiations fall through? How are we all going to cope with the impending doom that is global warming!?

Uncertainty is a part of life, but with the right strategies individuals, groups & businesses can learn to navigate their way through ever evolving landscapes to find comfort in discomfort. Resilience and adaptability is exactly what academyEX is all about.

Great Leadership & Togetherness

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Great leadership will always be a necessity, but coming into your own leadership requires communication, emotional intelligence and an awareness of authentic knowledge. These intellectual tools are only some of the core principles needed to create sustainable and impactful change. These tools give leaders the confidence to create connections to more pathways – and the more pathways, the more solutions in times of uncertainty.

Through an indigenous lens, coming to understand the importance of whanaungatanga, manaakitanga and rangatiratanga are key to longevity & prosperity. In times of uncertainty, collaborating and working together is what helps teams move into a more focused mindset. Being able to conceptualise problems and come up with solutions requires well-nurtured relationships. Which is why forming and building relationships is such a core principle when it comes to leading change. It takes a village! And the more confidence we have in our understanding of connectedness, the more certainty we can provide to our teams.

Your Authentic Value

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For indigenous people, people of colour, LGBTI+ and people living below the poverty line, uncertainty might be a more prevalent factor. Through indigenous leadership models and diverse thinking, we come to understand that when you bring yourself to the table, you don’t have to change your voice or who you are. Everyone’s values are authentic. To reach a level of collective wisdom, every person's perspective must be respected. Resources are limited and we need each other. Which is why in times of uncertainty, whether it be digital disruption or otherwise, mana-enhancing values and awareness of your community will help you come up with the right strategies to deal with obstacles to come. Your identity supports your value, and it is important that we continue to work together to break down barriers so everybody has the opportunity to lead change for good. 

Making Informed Decisions

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Creativity & innovation, diversity of thinking, and an awareness of cultural safety are leadership qualities that can propel anybody to move forward and develop strategies. Through conversation & reflection, individuals, groups, hapu & iwi can apply the proper skill sets to help build confidence in times of uncertainty. When we look at risk assessment analysis, we ask ourselves – what can go wrong? What is the likelihood of that happening? What are the consequences if something does go wrong? (Haugen, Rausand 2015). Using a values based approach through leading change for good, you can learn how to make informed decisions and lead with an enriched mind. 

AcademyEX is about creating a space that allows people to help develop their communities. The tools learners walk away with help to develop strategies for generations to come. By building practicable transferable skills, you can come into your own leadership as a more confident, aware individual. And through connectedness, understanding, creativity & authentic knowledge, everybody has the ability to find confidence within themselves to lead through times of uncertainty. 

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