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8 Jan, 2023 - 10 min read

The Master of Technological Futures is the new school MBA

The Master of Technological Futures is the new school MBA

There are plenty of professional development courses available today to help expand your business skills. One qualification that is still tightly linked to a promise of climbing the ranks in the corporate world is the MBA, or Master of Business Administration.

But is administration really what business needs? Is that what you aspire to? In the technology fueled workplace and societies we are a part of, we need to think a little bigger than admin. We need to think about innovation.

Innovate, don’t administrate

Administration is about the day to day, keeping things in order. Yet in the rapidly changing world we’re in, ‘better’ will not happen by keeping things in check. There are myriad opportunities to redesign and innovate for more sustainable outcomes.

Innovation is not invention. Anyone can innovate with the right tools and a growth mindset. Graduates of the Master of Technological Futures have gained not only a master’s degree but the capability to look at things differently and see potential rather than blockades. 

The tools are there, disruptive technologies, new business models and frameworks; all you need is that new knowledge, the skills and a mindset to look at those tools and say ‘I can see what we could do with these’.

“It’s an incredibly inspiring, optimistic programme to be a part of. We see people come in not sure of what they want, but do know what they don’t. They often leave totally new people, reinvigorated with confidence to push past the ordinary. I can’t believe I get to be a part of their journeys every day.”

Collaborate to innovate

There are many industries, organisations and systems ripe for innovation. Getting comfortable with failure is critical to the innovation process. That can be hard if you’re used to a competitive environment.


At academyEX, the environment is collaborative, not competitive. We create many opportunities within courses and outside as well through our community meetup Converge for learners to present their ideas and welcome constructive feedback. We encourage people to share ideas because protecting them won’t help them to grow.

Sharing includes the failures too. Finding comfort in owning the failures improves your ability to experiment more. It bolsters your boldness to think bigger. Plus you’ll make connections with people you might never have crossed paths with and that can bring all sorts of fresh thinking to your approach.

The new school MBA

There’s a certain prestige attached to an MBA, one that is anchored in the past. 

But if you’re interested in creating the future, one that sees a different kind of business, considers technology as a tool for change, demands inclusion, diversity and difference and isn’t keen to sit still, you need something different.

At academyEX, we wanted that. It’s why we designed the Master of Technological Futures, a master’s degree that is all about innovation. 

If you want to stand out, make change, start your own thing or disrupt things for others, choose the Master of Technological Futures. It’s a conduit to fresh thinking, it won’t peg you as just a business person but someone who knows how to harness the future.

Hear the journeys and outcomes of Master of Technological Futures graduates in our podcast The Impact Series.

The Master of Technological Futures is like nothing else available to study in Aotearoa New Zealand. Delivered part-time with blended or 100% online study mode options, the industry-led programme was designed to accelerate the capability of professionals to innovate organisations and industry.

Ideal for business professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, or anyone who has their sights set on pushing boundaries. Learners will develop deep understanding of emerging disruptive technologies, the cultural and social implications and identify the intersections with business and society that could result in positive sustainable outcomes. 

The outcome is a ‘road-tested’ real world project initiative that could form the foundation for innovation within a business or as a business.

There are three intakes available in 2023: February, June and October. Find out more about the Master of Technological Futures and how to apply.