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30 May, 2024 - 5 min read

Three key shifts in education that will disrupt the status quo and unlock human potential

In today's fast-paced world, staying ahead means constantly evolving. The tertiary sector, in particular, will need to undergo significant reform if it wants to prepare today’s students to not only ‘keep up’ with but ‘outpace’ change as we adapt to the future of work. Simona Turin, CEO of academyEX, explores three key shifts that need to happen now to ensure we’re ready to tackle what comes next.

#1 We must look forward, not backwards

Gone are the days when past knowledge was enough to stay competitive. Today, it's all about having the latest information and insight at your fingertips. To successfully equip ourselves with the tools we need to succeed in a tech-driven global economy, look for institutes that focus not on ‘studying history’ but those that predict and prepare for the future. 

This means integrating cutting-edge tools and practices like AI, sustainability and other emerging disruptive technologies into our curriculums. It also means partnering with leading industry leaders to understand market trends. This forward-thinking approach to education will create a workforce that's not only adaptable but also capable of leading in an ever-changing world.

Our Masters programmes teach leadership, AI (and other disruptive technologies), sustainability and resilience. These skills connect our students to opportunities that stretch and grow them for the future; we are not just preparing students for the challenges of tomorrow but empowering them to become the innovators and disruptors of the future.

#2 We must re-learn how to learn

Learning is no longer a ‘one and done’ exercise where a workshop or a conference will equip us with the tools to be future ready. With AI and other technologies advancing at lightning speed, we must relearn how to continuously connect with new knowledge. We need a proactive and consistent approach to up-skilling and re-skilling. The future of work is already here, and we need to rethink our relationship with education. Likewise, our education systems need to be willing to meet these  different needs. 

Teaching people how to learn efficiently and continuously is crucial. academyEX believes that education, like our careers, is a lifelong journey. In a world where knowledge has an expiration date, the ability to learn continuously is the ultimate superpower. 

Courses should be designed to be the ‘start’ of something new, not the ‘end’ of mastering a set body of work. This is achieved through adaptive learning platforms that personalise education based on individual needs. Creating learning loops—where learners can immediately apply what they've learned, get feedback, and iterate—is also essential. By fostering a culture of lifelong learning, we can turn rapid technological advancements into significant growth opportunities.

Our courses are designed to be the catalyst for personal and professional transformation, igniting a passion for learning that extends far beyond the classroom. More importantly, we create safe and credible spaces to engage with subjects that are new, can be scary, but ultimately show how infinite our choices are if we embrace new ways of thinking. 

#3 Rediscovering the joy of learning: unleashing the power of play

Could the ‘smallest feet’ make the biggest impact on our educational approach? Young kids learn best by doing — through hands-on activities and practical experiences — and this method of learning can be incredibly effective for adults too, especially in making education more practical and directly applicable to real-world problems. To make tertiary education more impactful, we need to incorporate project-based learning and real-world problem-solving. 

As an independent, globally focused higher education institute, academyEX has one mission: to make education exactly what you need for the real-world challenges you want to solve. By creating connected learning communities where individuals work on projects that address some of their organisation’s biggest challenges, we make learning more engaging and relevant. This approach not only helps learners gain practical skills but also makes it more attractive for companies to invest in up-skilling their workforce, as the learning projects can contribute directly to highly valuable outcomes. 

At academyEX, our mission is clear: to revolutionise education and empower individuals to become the change-makers of tomorrow. By embracing future forward opportunities, fostering a culture of lifelong learning, and rediscovering the joy of practical, problem-based education, we build the new tribes of learners and leaders who are paving the way for a brighter, more resilient future.

As New Zealand navigates the uncharted waters of a tech-driven world, we stand ready to support the development of the skills and mindsets necessary for success. Through our commitment to transformative education, we are not just preparing people to adapt to change but empowering them to become the architects of their own destinies.

Together, let us embrace the power of transformative education and redefine what it means to learn, grow, and succeed in a world of boundless possibilities.

(For those ready to embark on this transformative journey and discover their own EX factor, academyEX is here to support you every step of the way. With discounted micro-credentials until the end of June and scholarship support for those facing job loss or restructuring, there has never been a better time to invest in your future and become a part of the academyEX community.)