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28 May, 2023 - 3 min read

Our top five key takeaways from Tomorrow Expo 2023

Tomorrow Expo | article | academyEX

This month saw some of New Zealand’s top cutting-edge innovators packed into the Viaduct Events Centre for a 3-day tech extravaganza: the Tomorrow Expo. 

With so many engaging speakers, we will certainly be keeping an eye out for future updates from this year’s fascinating panellists. Here are academyEX’s key takeaways from these Kiwi creators and visionaries: 

Black, white and grey – It’s all about ethics 

The scope of AI is endless, but whilst we all ask what it can do for us, the Mantel Group equally calls businesses to question ethics in how AI is integrated into their day-to-day operations. From defining ethical principles, to undergoing risk-level calculations, the fundamental message here was around maintaining human supervision and setting boundaries when utilising AI in the workplace. 

What’s up in the Cloud? 

With the cloud becoming more fundamental in how we do business, AWS discussed the importance of companies enhancing their digital infrastructure and undertaking training to bridge skills gaps. With an involvement in kids coding camps, free online school programmes and Haapori Wahine workshops which provide on demand courses for kiwi women – AWS has a great foundation to reach their goal of enabling thousands more New Zealanders to harness the cloud. 

We can be the change  

With climate change a hot topic, it was inspiring to see how tech is playing a role in helping companies to either adapt or take active measures to fight it. From electric seacraft and CO² reduced concrete production with nanotechnology, to robo-craft and satellite-enabled energy distribution via light beams – New Zealand has a diverse range of emerging solutions to tackle a growing problem. 

Let’s make new pathways for Māori  

With less than 4% of workers in the IT sector identifying as Māori, panellists highlighted some of the barriers for Māori - including less access to resources and low digital literacy skills. Te Mataray shared their vision on how we can increase participation and create avenues that inspire young Māori to get involved in Digitech, by fostering interest, opportunities, and creating an open invitation to explore new pathways.  

AI in Action 

AI technology is powering some amazing advances in technology right here in New Zealand, shaping the future in our vital industry sectors. Guest speakers discussed the work progressing on applications for 3D audio for VR, as well as a readable chemical ‘fingerprints’ for food products that allow produce identification and packaging protection - something that could play a huge role in our agricultural exports. 

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Note: credit goes to our wonderful colleague, Sarah Mwashomah for sharing her notes with us.