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With the secret superpower of problem solving, Senior Front-End Developer Tomas is the perfect fit to transform design concepts into live, user-friendly web elements. As a partly self-taught developer, Tomas thoroughly enjoys finding creative and effective solutions to challenges, and is most looking forward to working on innovative projects that combine his creativity and problem-solving skills.

After studying at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Argentina's tech University), Tomas spent the last five years working with Javascript, HTML, CSS, Typescript and React for clients across the globe. The field of web development is constantly changing, which helps to keep Tomas motivated and engaged; there's always something new to explore and implement in the spaces of tech and design.

Tomas doesn’t just have the technological, creative and collaborative skills, he also dabbled in music in high school, playing guitar at a number of gigs. If his life was described through a song, it would be Dream On by Aerosmith, a classic tune about the hunger to be somebody, and dream until your dreams come true.