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Simona Turin, our visionary CEO at academyEX, is a dynamic leader with a versatile background spanning various industries, from startups to corporate giants. She excels in identifying opportunities that address customer pain points, optimise processes, and ensure commercial success.

Collaborating closely with executive teams and directors, Simona has a proven track record of guiding organisations through diverse growth stages, including scaling operations and navigating strategic changes such as mergers, acquisitions, and realignments. Her extensive portfolio includes Director positions at Planday, Fidelity Life, and NomosOne, as well as her role as Founder of GetReal, a nonprofit organisation.

Simona has successfully spearheaded digital transformations and strategic expansions throughout her executive career, with leadership roles at AskNicely, Xero, Air New Zealand, Spark Ventures, Wex Inc., and DTCC. Her global perspective, shaped by military service, fluency in four languages, 14 years on Wall Street, and experiences on four continents, enriches her ability to drive growth, innovation, and market presence.

Passionate about breaking the script to foster innovation, Simona is dedicated to leading game-changing products, inspiring creativity, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Her commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with academyEX's mission to make education exactly what you need for the real-world challenges you want to solve.

As the driving force behind academyEX, Simona is poised to continue her legacy of transformative leadership, leveraging her wealth of experience to propel us to new heights in the education landscape.