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Shruti is our enrolment and finance manager, which basically means she helps learners through the entire enrolment process to ensure they are set up to go for their programme of choice. She assists students with any questions or queries, technical issues, or clarification about any of our eligibility requirements. She also helps students sort finances relating to their enrolment, such as payment scheduling, scholarships or other fee assistance. Many of our learners will have crossed her path and her ability to connect with a learner, instantly understand where they are in the process, and help them out with whatever they need, is truly impressive.

With a Bachelor of Engineering (specifically chemical engineering) Shruti utilises her problem solving skills and top notch analysis to ensure our learners are given clear information, as she guides them along their journey in the simplest way possible. With each learner bringing a unique set of requirements, this is a role across The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab that requires a lot of patience, kindness, and persistence, all of which Shruti has in spades.

Shruti sees the biggest future trend being technology, and she’s seen the effect technology can have on people from all walks of life as they move through our programmes. Continuing on the innovative technology vibe she’d love to meet Steve Jobs and hear what he has to say about where tech can go next.

In April 2020 Shruti welcomed her son Amaar to the world, and claims holding him was, and always will be, her favourite moment of her entire life. She’s extremely quick at learning new things, ensuring she’s always one step ahead of our learners so she can offer the most help possible, and combined with her gentle nature this means learners always feel in safe hands.

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