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As Digital Support Specialist, Seth is both an excellent communicator and technology expert. Previously managing the support services for a number of tech start-ups, including for users of Digital Passport, Seth brings a variety of skills to the Digital Boost support team.

At Digital Boost, Seth is most looking forward to helping people from all walks of life learn the power of new technologies and implement them into their daily lives. Being a great communicator, it’s no shame that Seth loves to talk; if his life was a song, it would be Bigmouth Strikes Again by The Smiths. Seth is also a bit of a music fanatic, with Black Sabbath and Funkadelic tattoos to show for it. 

If given the opportunity to sit down and have a drink with any historical figure, Seth would be joined by André the Giant, professional French wrestler and actor. What’s his secret talent you ask? All we're going to say is that if you’ve got a pub quiz coming up, you’ll want Seth on your team!