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As an Industry expert and Innovation Advisor for our Master of Technological Futures students, Sarah enjoys her role for...

"The exchange of knowledge, and mutual sharing of experience. I see advising as a support role - being an accessible resource to students to help them achieve their goals. And the only way to help others is to first learn. Learn about their needs, their goals, their challenges, their world-view and lived experiences. The learning goes both ways, and we grow together. "

Sarah advocates that success will be defined by keeping people at the centre of digital transformation and technological disruption. With a background in SaaS Product Management, CX/UX, B2B and B2C sales, her expertise expands into numerous areas, including Human Centred Design and Stakeholder Engagement.

With a talent for fostering psychological safety, Sarah is the master of asking the right questions to uncover people's needs, while also co-designing solutions to help fix them. An amazing 'aha!' moment for Sarah is seeing candidates design projects that align with their vision and personal values, ultimately helping them to reach their achievements. 

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