As an Industry expert and Innovation Advisor to Master of Technological Futures students, Sarah enjoys her role for...

"The exchange of knowledge, and mutual sharing of experience. I see advising as a support role - being an accessible resource to students to help them achieve their goals. And the only way to help others is to first learn. Learn about their needs, their goals, their challenges, their world-view and lived experiences. The learning goes both ways, and we grow together. "

The specialisation Sarah brings to the students she advises centres on great product design.

"Building a great product or service is about solving a painful problem for your market, and doing it better than anyone else. The most painful problem is the one where you can feel the hurt in the market. It’s so painful they’re actively looking for looking for solutions and they can talk your ear off about it.  So the only way to uncover this problem is to talk to your customers, and keep talking to your customers. Have vulnerable conversations with people that go beyond data collection. It’s critical that you can empathise with their goals, challenges and drivers.  Then once you think you’ve solved it, keep talking to your customers. Avoid pride, and let your customers feel safe to tell you if your solutions is inadequate. The faster and cheaper you can learn what you’re doing wrong, the sooner you’ll land on what’s right (and you will!)."

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