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Sandy Taylor

Sandy doesn’t strike you as the archetype financial controller.

Fun-loving and full of laughs, there’s absolutely nothing stuffy about the head purser for The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab.

Originally from Dublin, Sandy has now spent more time in New Zealand than in Ireland, although her accent immediately gives away her early beginnings. And for a very decent portion of that time, she’s worked at The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab, part of the original core team. Her day to day covers all aspects of accounting and finance control for the two organisations.

Sandy was drawn to Australia first on an OE but after meeting her NZ born husband, she moved here and has never looked back, even making the leap to become a NZ Citizen. Together they’ve had 2 kids and she absolutely loves that the organisation’s values of putting whanau first means she can enjoy her wonderfully balanced life between career and raising a family.

As a mum of one fast growing 13 year old daughter, Sandy loves the empowerment that women like PM Jacinda Arden and our own CEO Frances Valintine role model for our younger wahine.

Flexible working means Sandy spends half her time in the office and half at home. If you’re lucky enough to catch her on her days in, dropping off an invoice is a fine excuse to really have a good chat. And if you catch her outside the office when she’s on family time, she’ll be watching rugby, eating any kind of cheese and drinking champagne. Long term plans are great but Sandy knows it’s just as important to live in the moment and savour everyday - and she’s doing her best to make the most of hers.

Academic achievements:

Micro-credential in Digital Skills for the Workplace (The Mind Lab)