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Rowan Yeoman

Rowan operates at the nexus of innovation, technology, and social change.

He has spent his career mapping, experimenting, facilitating, Investing in and executing across all aspects of the innovation landscape – understanding and leveraging the dynamics by which new ideas become valuable things that the world can benefit from.

Rowan co-created the Social Lean Canvas in 2013 and has developed it as a system for applying modern startup practices to purpose driven enterprises. It is used globally by accelerators, incubators, universities and NGOs to support startup innovation at scale.

Since 2017, Rowan has been deeply involved in Crypto/Web3. He works across Crypto, DAOs, DeFi and ReFi with the goal of developing tooling and best practice to help Web3 deliver systemic change on the world's most pressing problems.

He is an entrepreneur, investor and co-founder of two DAOs: SuperBenefitDAO & All in For Sport

Recently, Rowan has been working to help the UNDP map and understand the opportunities that Web3 innovation presents in the development and impact space to further the SDGs.