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With a background in marketing and research, Quin is a welcomed edition to the marketing team, handling marketing automation across academyEX.

We like to call him boy genius, as his experience in leveraging data manipulation disciplines means he’s often visualising concepts well ahead of the pack. 

Having studied a Bachelor of Commerce with the University of Auckland, Quin has been pivotal in implementing the use of Marketo as a tool, and working alongside the marketing team to create sustainable change by improving email communications through relevance and strategy.

Though Quin is an obvious fan of the future, his heart belongs to disco. If time travel existed, he would track down Giorgio Moroder, the godfather of disco and dance. This ties in beautifully with Quin’s hidden superpower as Spotify song list curator. 

“My hidden power is to give song suggestions that end up at the top of your Spotify wrapped. If you listen through my headphones, you are likely to hear a wide variety of jams with one unifying feature - they make you move. Long live the boogie.”  

We know who we’ll be going to to find the latest jams!