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Designer of journeys and maker of maps, Chief Experience Officer Perrin is a catalyst for unlocking possibilities and crafting a memorable customer journey.

Her mission is to ensure our teams have the vision, mission and practice of putting learners at the centre of all we do. Perrin brings 20 years of design, tech, learning and shenanigans to the office.

With a Double BA with Hons in Professional Writing in Multimedia Communications and Anthropology, an MA in History, and Certificate in Professional Cookery, Perrin has various publications including Dining Out: A History of the Restaurant in New Zealand, alongside various educational papers.

In Perrin’s new role, she’s most looking forward to debriding the wound. To pick over and review every single part of the student experience - from Awareness to Alumni Communities - so we can live up to our standards of being THE most respected, creative, innovative, and credible PG institute in Australasia.

It is both a scary and exciting time right now and has been for some time. For that reason, Perrin believes learning to collaborate across fragmented industries (either from polarisation, misinformation, or disruption) is going to be vital, as well as up-skilling quickly to technical change. 

Fame is no stranger to Perrin either. Once bumping into David Letterman (accidentally) on the street, she created such a fuss that she was made a part of his opening monologue that night! 

Her superpower you ask? She can see the future, and then she maps it.