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Marcelle is a customer champion. She’s always focused on what’s in it for the ‘user’ or in The Mind Lab's context, the learner. Marcelle believes the point of marketing is to build lasting relationships with people, by creating amazing experiences that people connect with and get value from. It’s this kind of heart we strive to infuse into our marketing communications so Marcelle fits right into the team.

As a Marketing Engagement Executive for The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab, Marcelle’s role is varied, allowing her to flex her skills in online strategy, SEO, content creation and digital marketing. She is well versed in social media marketing and enjoys developing creative solutions to strategic challenges that helps a business grow, yet adds value to the audience.

Marcelle may look after the social channels for Tech Futures Lab but isn’t afraid to grab an opportunity to develop some new skills - she’s currently working to extend herself as a podcast producer for our next chapter of The Impact Series. And she takes all of it in her stride. Outside of her role at The Mind Lab Marcelle also runs a small boutique agency designed to help small businesses and entrepreneurs navigate social media and build their online presence. Balancing this ‘second job’ is testament to Marcelle’s passion to deliver meaningful marketing to as many people as she can.

Marcelle is delighted to be working in education, as she believes it’s a bridge that will close the gap of the digital divide, democratise knowledge through access and provide learning opportunities tailored to individual needs.

With a superpower of balancing on her hands, Marcelle is also super duper at juggling jobs and getting things done, while still looking up and out at what’s ahead. It’s this blend of now and tomorrow that makes her a valued member in the The Mind Lab whānau.

Academic achievements:

  • Bachelors degree in Communications majoring in public relations and digital media, AUT

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