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Handling all things comms and content, Louise Ashley-Iles is our multi-skilled Communications and Content Manager. Bringing a wealth of experience to academyEX, Louise is an expert at devising targeted content strategies to drive traffic, engagement and leads.

Since graduating with an MSc Econ in International Development and Communication and a BAHons in Political Science, Louise has worked with big name brands like Viacom, MTV, Fremantle, and some awesome small businesses and NGOs in London.

Focusing on the growth of the Digital Boost and Digital Passport platforms, Louise is most looking forward to engaging and encouraging others to grow both personally and professionally, while also demystifying digital know-how, so it's not intimidating, but a part of everyday life. Part of this process includes AI, which Louise believes is the most important trend in the future - “If you're not integrating [AI] into your daily life, you're missing out. It's changing the way businesses operate, so getting on board is a must.”

Louise has worked in some weird and wonderful places - across Africa, India, and Europe while at MTV, to the Gaza strip as a freelancer. If her life could be described in a song, it would be a mixture of Used to be Young by Miley Cyrus and Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver, capturing the (sometimes) chaotic but (usually) fun adventures so far.