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Frank Li

Frank is the go-to person for all things data and analytics across The Mind Lab & Tech Futures Lab.

Frank is the go-to person for all things data and analytics across The Mind Lab & Tech Futures Lab. His role covers the collection and interpretation of all of our data, as well as taking responsibility for analysing and reporting results. He works across all programmes, all teams, and all learners, to ensure we always have accurate reporting. This helps us work towards our goals for completion and participation, as well as being able to provide all relevant information to our stakeholder organisations. He leads a team of Data Scientists.

In his toolbelt Frank has skills across SalesForce, AppSheet App, Power BI, Tableau, Google Data Studio, MySQL, Python, Google App Script, Excel, Google Sheet, CRM, Light CRM Development and Office Automation. This makes him an expert in automation, data analysis and visualisation to better business outcomes.

With a Master of Science (M.S.) in Applied Mathematics from The Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Frank moved to Aotearoa from China in 2017 and stepped right into the role at The Mind Lab.

Frank believes that new technologies like AI, machine learning and educational tools are the path to an exciting future. He sees tools like these enabling the creation of new philosophies in education and business, remodelling the classroom as well as the workplace for the better.

If Frank were to describe his life in a song, he’d go with 海阔天空 by Beyond, specifically the lyrics that relate to holding onto your dream. From our point of view, Frank makes our dreams come true with data. He’s always willing to help and can whip up a spreadsheet to provide information or breakdown a problem in record time. With Frank at the helm of our data and analytics we can always track exactly where we are, in order to keep pushing for where we’re going.